Google “Best Botox Belfast”, “Botox Dublin” or “Botox Galway” & you get hundreds of results. Deciding where to go for treatment is a HUGE decision but how do you choose the right doctor?  Here is a guide to the BEST BOTOX DOCTOR-HOW TO CHOOSE

You are about to trust your face into someone else’s hands— so it is absolutely vital that you choose from only the most experienced and qualified aesthetic practitioners.

You don’t want to talk to friends yet where do you get honest advice. Here are some tips to help you on your way to finding the best Botox clinic for you.

Beginners Guide to Botox


Do Your Research : Google Best Botox Doctors

Focus only on practitioners known for their talent and skill. Look for doctors who have spent years specializing in injectable aesthetic treatments. These doctors are always keeping up to speed with the latest in aesthetic medicine & procedures.

Read Patient Reviews

47% of patients who look up a doctor online will choose their practitioner by the feeling they get after reading their profile and reviews. Look at the brands of injectables used at the clinic too.

Only Choose Experienced Botox Doctors

Botox is a toxin and should only be injected by a medically qualified practitioner. An experienced aesthetic doctor will have treated hundreds of patients like you. Best NOT to choose someone who may have completed a training course but has not injected very many faces. Never underestimate expertise and hands-on experience.

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Practitioner’s Training & Qualifications

Check that the practitioner is registered with their relevant regulatory authority. In Ireland it will be with the Irish Medical Council, In the UK it will be the General Medical Council.


Medical & Cosmetic Insurance

You need to be protected if something should go wrong. Ensure that the practitioner has appropriate cosmetic insurance cover. Doctors must meet stringent criteria to be insured.


Have a Consultation with your chosen Botox Doctor

The more reliable clinics offer Doctor / Patient consultations at an extra cost.  Use this time to ask lots of questions of the doctor who will be injecting your face. They will inform you of all the benefits and possible side effects of Botox injections. Let them know about your medical history or any concerns you may have.

Expect a Review & Aftercare Service

The doctor you choose should offer a follow-up service. If you are having Botox for the first time you will want to be certain that you are getting the best result and that the doctor who injected you is always available to discuss your treatment.


Check Prices & Dosage

Do NOT pay the lowest price in town. Botox is an expensive prescription medication. If someone is charges less than the going rate then they might not be using real Botox or injecting the recommended dosage into each area. You will have heard about people getting Botox injections which did not seem to last very long. This might be because the Botox was over-diluted or not enough Botox was injected. Ask your doctor how many units of Botox you will need to get your desired results.


Forehead: 16-20 units

Laugh Lines (around eyes): 10-12 units per side

Glabella (between eyes): 20-26 units


Watch Out for Cowboy Clinics

You should not allow toxins to be injected into your face by just anyone!  Some Beauty Salons and Pop – Up Clinics now offer cheap Botox. Many of these injectors are not equipped to correct a procedure if it goes wrong. The better clinics use a specialist registered medical practitioner to provide anti wrinkle injections.

Your Face Deserves The Best –   Choose The Best Botox Doctor for You !

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