Anti Wrinkle Dublin & Galway Prices

Dr. Mark Hamilton is a leading expert in Anti-wrinkle treatments & has been working full time in aesthetics for 20 years.

Mark owns & personally leads three highly successful aesthetic clinics in Dublin, Belfast & Galway.

At your appointment Mark will perform a full medical & aesthetic assessment before any procedures are carried out. His aim is to always find the best treatment plan to meet his patients’ expectations.

Sometimes this may NOT be the exact procedure they initially came in for as he is totally focused on their best medical and aesthetic interests.

Anti- Wrinkle Treatment Areas Explained:

There are 3 main treatment areas

1) Frown lines between the eyebrows

2) Laugh lines around the eyes

3) Forehead lines.

Female Anti-Wrinkle Prices

1 Area : €280

2 Areas : €370

3 Areas : €440

Female Recommended Dosage

The severity of your fine lines and wrinkles will determine the number of units your skin will actually need.

Glabella = 20-26 units, Eyes = 10-13 units each eye and Forehead= 10-25 units.

Male Recommended Dosage

Male patients need stronger doses than females- because men have a greater muscle mass than women. Larger, stronger men need more units injected per treatment area than slender, small-boned men. The most common cause of inadequate results in male patients is under-dosing.

Glabella = 32-40 units, Eyes = 16 units each eye and Forehead= 20-30 units.

Male Anti-Wrinkle Prices

1 Area :  €300-320

2 Areas : €390-410

3 Areas : €440-490

Medical/Therapeutic Treatments

Gummy Smile €280
Teeth Grinding from €370
Neck Tension  from €550
Excessive Sweating from €700- Dosage is determined at your consultation.
Migraines Pain Relief from €370

Prices are based on the dosage needed to treat the condition and include your consultation with Dr. Hamilton.

Nefertiti Neck Lift & Neck Bands Treatments–  from €280

Due to it’s popularity Nefertiti Neck Rejuvenation treatments are only available to patients registered in our practice. Neck Treatments are only offered as an ‘Add On ‘ to Anti-Wrinkle or Cosmetic Dermal Filler packages. They are not offered as a stand alone procedure.

1 Area + Nefertiti = €560

2 Areas + Nefertiti = €650

3 Areas + Nefertiti = €720

Dermal Filler Dublin Galway Belfast

Dermal Fillers

Restylane LYFT ®–  perfect for restoring volume and create a lifting effect.

1 ml costs €400 stand- alone price or from €350 as part of our treatment packages.

Juvederm ULTRA 3® –  ideal for smoker lines / lip lines.

1 ml costs €420 stand- alone price or from €380 as part of our treatment packages.

Restylane LYFT Dublin

Anti-Wrinkle + Restylane LYFT ® ‘Refreshed Look’ Packages 

1 Area +   1 ml Filler  €630

2 Areas +1 ml Filler  €720

3 Areas +1 ml Filler  €790

Anti Wrinkle + Restylane LYFT ®’Rejuvenation’ Packages 

1 Area +   2 mls Filler = €1,010

2 Areas + 2 mls Filler = €1,100

3 Areas + 2 mls Filler = €1,170

Anti-Wrinkle + Juvederm Smile Subtle Lip Filler package 

1 Area + 0.55 ml Filler    €550

2 Areas + 0.55 ml Filler   €640

3 Areas + 0.55 ml Filler    €700

0.55 ml Juvederm SMILE  stand alone price = €320  

Dermal Filler Dublin

Anti-Wrinkle + Juvederm ULTRA 3® Smokers / Lip Lines Filler Package

1 Area +1ml  Juvederm  €650

2 Areas +1ml Juvederm  €740

3 Areas +1ml Juvederm  €800

Juvederm Filler Clinic Dublin

Anti-Wrinkle + Juvederm ULTRA 3 ®+ Juvederm Smile® Combination Package

1 Area + 1.55 ml Filler    €930

2 Areas + 1.55 ml Filler   €1020

3 Areas + 1.55 ml Filler    €1,080

PROFHILO treatments for acne, rosacea and eczema.

PROFHILO containing low & high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, is a Class lll injectable medical device. It is a very effective skin booster and is also capable of reducing medical conditions such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. While more research is needed to confirm the efficacy of Profhilo for rosacea, the early results are promising.

Profhilo Dublin city centre


  • First Profhilo    €350
  • Follow Up Profhilo at 4 weeks    €330


Anti-Wrinkle +Profhilo® Treatment Packages 

1 Area +Profhilo   €600

2 Areas +Profhilo  €690

3 Areas +Profhilo   €750

Follow Up Profhilo at 4 weeks = €330

Anti Wrinkle + Profhilo Face + Neck Packages 

1 Area+ Profhilo x 4 mls  = €920

2 Areas+ Profhilo x 4 mls = €1020

3 Areas+ Profhilo x 4 mls = €1,080

Follow Up Profhilo at 4 weeks =€330 

2 mls is injected in your Face and 2 mls is used to treat your Neck = 4 mls

Profhilo Face + Neck Treatment Packages

Face + Neck Profhilo at the same appointment = €660

Neck treatments are only available to registered patients in our practice.

Profhilo Neck rejuvenation

Profhilo Body  €1,000

Price is based on 2 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart & includes 150 mls Profhilo Body cream plus three hyaluronic acid patches. Following your first treatment you apply the Profhilo body patches and continue to use the cream on a daily basis to get the best results.

Profhilo Body Dublin

Restylane LYFT ®+Profhilo® Packages

1 ml Restylane LYFT Filler  + 2 mls Profhilo = €720 

2 ml Restylane LYFT Filler + 2 mls Profhilo =  €1,090

Follow Up Profhilo at 4 weeks = €330

Anti Wrinkle + Restylane LYFT®+ Profhilo® Package 

1 Area + 1 ml Filler +  Profhilo  €1290

2 Areas +1 ml Filler +  Profhilo  €1380

3 Areas +1 ml Filler +  Profhilo  €1430

  • Gummy Smile Treatment – from €180
  • Jawline Contouring-  from €350

   Excessive Sweating Underarm Treatment Prices From €700-800

  • At your 2-4 week review, if there are damp patches Dr. Hamilton will treat them at no extra charge.

Teeth grinding Dublin

Anti-Wrinkle + Bruxism Teeth Grinding Treatment Packages 

1 Area + Bruxism      €610

2 Areas + Bruxism    €700

3 Areas + Bruxism    €770

Gummy Smile Corrrection

Anti-wrinkle + Gummy Smile Treatment Packages 

1 Area + Gummy Smile   €440

2 Areas + Gummy Smile  €530

3 Areas + Gummy Smile   €600

What is Botox Lip Flip

Anti-wrinkle + Lip Flip Treatment Packages 

1 Area + Lip Flip   €360

2 Areas + Lip Flip  €450

3 Areas + Lip Flip  €510

Anti-Wrinkle + Juvederm Smile Lip Filler Package 

1 Area + 0.55 ml Filler    €550

2 Areas + 0.55 ml Filler   €640

3 Areas + 0.55 ml Filler    €700

Dr. Mark Hamilton Consultation is €220.  Listed Treatment Prices include his consultation fee.

Profhilo Galway


Gift vouchers are only available for patients already registered with Dr. Hamilton’s practice.

Gift Vouchers can be purchased for over the phone with a credit card.

We will personalize it with your special message and immediately email it to you or the lucky recipient.

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All Aesthetic Treatments Are Age Appropriate

Before every treatment, you will have a full medical assessment and aesthetic consultation with Dr. Hamilton.

During your consultation, he will advise you about your options and personally take you through his Risk Informed Consent  forms.

Discuss the results you hope to achieve with Dr. Mark. He will advise you as to what treatments you need but more importantly, he will give you an honest opinion as to the treatments you do NOT need.

Dr. Mark Hamilton is highly regarded by his patients for being incredibly responsible when it comes to their care. Only the highest grade prescription products are used at our clinics.

Dr. Hamilton truly believes that the only time aesthetic treatments are appropriate is, if he can make you look a better version of yourself.

The Medical & Therapeutic Treatments on offer are NOT claimable under private health insurance.

Consultation Fee is €220 which is deducted from the cost of your procedure if you proceed with treatment on the same day.

This offer is applicable if you have your treatments within 4 weeks of your initial consultation with Dr. Hamilton, otherwise a second consultation fee will have to be paid.

Dr Mark Hamilton Botox Doctor

Fees include your medical aesthetic consultation and treatment with Dr. Mark Hamilton.

All patients have the option of having an impartial observer (a chaperone) present at their consultation and treatment.

Prices are based on the dosage injected into each area. Our patients are always delighted with the beautifully natural results and longevity they get from their treatments.

Botox For Jawline slimming


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