Botox Dublin Prices and Botox Galway Prices

Botox Dublin and Botox Galway Prices

Doctor led clinic under the medical directorship of Dr. Mark Hamilton. He is trained in maxillofacial, neck and facial reconstructive surgery.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

1 Area :  €260

2 Areas : €350

3 Areas : €420

Prices are based on the units of toxin needed to soften & erase your wrinkles. Your consultation fee with Dr. Hamilton is included.

Female Dosage: Frown Lines = 26 units, Eyes = 13 units each eye, Forehead = 16-20 units.

Male Dosage: Frown Lines = 32-40 units, Eyes = 14 units each eye, Forehead = 20-26 units.

Men often need a higher dosage of toxin, prices are an extra €20 per area. The dosage & price will be finalised at your consultation with Dr. Mark.

Medical/ Therapeutic Treatments

Gummy Smile €260
Teeth Grinding from €350
Neck Tension  from €550
Hyperhidrosis from €600- Dosage and price is determined at your examination/consultation.
Migraines from €420

Prices are based on the Units of toxin needed to treat the condition and include your consultation with Dr. Hamilton.

Nefertiti Neck Lift Package –  from €250 when having Facial Anti -Wrinkle Injections only – not available with Lip Fillers.

Neck treatments are only available as part of our Facial Botox + Filler Packages.

They are not offered as a stand alone treatment.


Buy 1 ml Filler: Get 1 area Anti Wrinkle for  €195, 2 Areas for €280

Buy 2 mls Fillers: Get one area Anti Wrinkle Injections for € 175

Dermal Filler Dublin Galway Belfast


  • Restylane LYFT® / Juvederm ULTRA® – 1 ml:  €400
  • Second Syringe of Filler: €380

Botox®  + Dermal Filler Packages

1 Area +1ml Juvederm®    €595

2 Areas +1ml Juvederm®   €680

3 Areas +1ml Juvederm®    €750 

1 Area  + 2 syringes of Filler = €975

2 Areas + 2 syringes of Filler = €1,060

3 Areas + 2 syringes of Filler = €1,130

Restylane LYFT Belfast

1 Area + 3 syringes of Filler = €1,260

2 Areas  + 3 syringes of Filler = €1,350

3 Areas + 3 syringes of Filler = €1,420

All packages consist of Dysport ® / Botox ®+ Restylane® / Juvederm®.

You can add Profhilo® if you wish (scroll down for prices)


Face + Neck Profhilo = €600 for 2 syringes (save €100)

Only available when having Facial Anti- Wrinkle Injections


Profhilo® Injections

  • First syringe €350
  • Follow Up  Profhilo at 4 weeks  €320
  • Face + Neck Profhilo = €600 for 2 syringes (€300 each) at the same sitting

Botox® + Profhilo®  Treatment Packages

1 Area +Profhilo  (2mls)      €560

2 Areas +Profhilo  (2mls)    €650

3 Areas +Profhilo  (2mls)     €720 

Follow Up Profhilo after 4 weeks = €320

Botox®+ Profhilo® Face + Neck Packages

1 Area+ Profhilo (2 syringes) = €860

2 Areas+ Profhilo (2 syringes) = €950

3 Areas+ Profhilo  (2 syringes)= €1,020

Follow Up Face + Neck Profhilo = €300 each (at the same sitting)

Single Follow Profhilo =€320

Dermal Filler +Profhilo Packages

1 ml Filler + Profhilo = €700  (Save €55)

2 mls Filler + Profhilo =  €1,075 (Save €80)

Follow Up Profhilo at 4 weeks = €320

Botox®  + Dermal Filler + Profhilo Packages

1 Area + 1ml Filler + 2mls Profhilo  €920

2 Areas +1ml Filler +2mls Profhilo  €1000

3 Areas +1ml Filler + 2mls Profhilo  €1100


Face + Neck Profhilo = €600 (save €100)

Follow up Face +Neck Profhilo after 4 weeks =€300 each


Neck treatments are only available as part of our Facial Botox + Filler Packages.

They are not offered as a stand alone treatment.

  • Baby Botox® – € 260         BABY BOTOX
  • Gummy Smile Treatment -€250
  • Nefertiti Lift ( Jawline + Neckbands)  €500

Jawline + Neck treatments are only available as part of our Facial Botox + Filler Packages.

They are not offered as a stand alone treatment.

  • Female – €600-700
  • Male – €600-800
  • At your 2-4 week review, if there are damp patches  Dr. Hamilton will top them up -NO extra charge.


Gummy Smile Corrrection

Dr. Mark Hamilton Consultation is €200 . Treatment Prices include this fee.

Strict COVID‐19 infection control measures are in operation at our clinics.  Procedures have been categorized into low‐risk, moderate risk and high‐risk, based on the likelihood of transmission of the virus from the patient to the treating physician. All patients must wear a mask when attending & during their treatment. 

Treatments Not Available during Pandemic: To avoid viral transmission via droplet spread, Dr. Mark will not be offering Liquid Rhinoplasty, Tear Trough Fillers, Lip Fillers & Jawline Contouring.

Anti wrinkle injections Belfast, Dublin and Galway

All Aesthetic Treatments Are Age Appropriate

Before every treatment, you will have a full medical assessment and consultation with Dr. Hamilton. During you consultation, he will advise you about your options  and personally take you through his Risk Informed Consent  forms. Discuss the results you want to achieve with Dr. Mark. He will advise you as to what treatments you need but more importantly, he will give you an honest opinion as to the treatments you do NOT need.

Dr. Mark Hamilton is highly regarded by his patients for being incredibly responsible when it comes to their care. Only the highest grade prescription products are used at our clinics.

Dr. Hamilton truly believes that the only time aesthetic treatments are appropriate is, if he can make you look a better version of yourself.

The Medical & Therapeutic Treatments on offer are NOT claimable under private health insurance.

Consultation Fee is €200 which is deducted from the cost of your procedure.

Dr Mark Hamilton Botox Doctor

Fees include your medical aesthetic consultation and treatment with Dr. Mark Hamilton.

Botox prices are based on the units of toxin injected into each area. His patients are always delighted with the beautifully natural results and longevity they get from their treatments.

Best Botox Doctor in Belfast

Treatments Not Available during the Pandemic:

To avoid viral transmission via droplet spread, Dr. Mark is NOT offering Liquid Rhinoplasty, Tear Trough Fillers & Lip Fillers 

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