Male Anti Wrinkle Treatments Belfast, Dublin & Galway

Dr. Mark understands that men want to look a little younger & less stressed without anyone knowing they had anything done. He has been prescribing and injecting Botox for his male patients in his Belfast, Dublin and Galway clinics for 18 years.

His advice to men is – Keep the lines that make you look happy—only treat the ones that make you look tired or cross. Common areas of concern for men are the frown lines between their eyebrows, crow’s feet & forehead creases.

Dr. Mark is highly experienced in treating male patients. He will give you an honest opinion as to the treatments you do or do NOT need.  Have a quiet chat in totally confidence with him. His motto is FRESH NOT FROZEN. People will notice you look better but no one will guess that you’ve had work done.

There is a big difference in results from anti-wrinkle injections between men & women. Dr Hamilton injects very carefully around all parts of the male brow, so as not to pull your eyebrows upwards – this would look weird on men. Woman like arched brows while men need straight brows.

Male patients need higher doses of toxin than females- because men have a greater muscle mass than women. Larger, stronger men need more units injected per treatment area than slender, small-boned men. The most common cause of inadequate results in male patients is under-dosing.

Male Glabella = 32-40 units, Eyes = 14 x 2 units each eye and Forehead= 20-30 units.


The injections do not hurt- there is a slight “pinch” that you will feel at the injection site. Some men say they experienced a mild stinging with each injection but little or no pain.

It is OK to go to the gym after the procedure but don’t lift weights that day. Wait 24-hours before hitting the weights or doing any real cardio. Your face needs a few hours to naturally heal. Going to the gym might metabolize the toxin prematurely in your system, thereby wasting your money and time. No alcohol that day either !


This is one of our most discreet male treatments and is especially suitable for men who would never have  Dermal Fillers. Routinely,there is no down-time and injections marks last just a few hours. Your skin will look fresher and smoother without anyone guessing that you have had work done.  LEARN MORE

BELFAST PRICES- Prices are based on the units of toxin injected 

Anti-Wrinkle Injections 

  • 1 Area :  £150-175
  • 2 Areas : £250-275
  • 3 Areas : £295-320

Wrinkle Treatment Packages

One Area + 1ml Filler = £400

Two Areas + 1ml Filler = £500

Three Areas + 1ml Filler = £540

DUBLIN & GALWAY PRICES-Prices are based on the units of toxin injected 

Anti-Wrinkle Injections 

  • 1 Area :  € 260-290
  • 2 Areas : € 350-380
  • 3 Areas : € 420-450

Wrinkle Treatment Packages

1 Area +1ml Juvederm®    €595

2 Areas +1ml Juvederm®  €680

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