Tips to make your Anti Wrinkle Injections Last Longer

Tips to make Anti Wrinkle Injections Last Longer

  • Anti Wrinkle injections and Dermal fillers are a great way to slow down and help reverse the signs of aging.However, their effects do wear off as these products are naturally degraded by the body. Here are some tips to help make them last longer.

    Dr. Hamilton’s patients are always delighted with the longevity they get from his  anti -aging treatments. He would see his patients every 4-6 months for Anti Wrinkle injections and every 9- 12 months for Fillers.

    Once you start having Anti Wrinkle injections, you should typically need to maintain your results by having your treatments every four to six months. Many of our patients enjoy up to six months of wrinkle free skin whilst others only need to visit our clinic every 12 months to maintain their results.

    So the BIG question is : What can make my wrinkle smoothing injections last longer?  Is it even possible?  We are often asked for advice on this topic in our clinics. And here is our answer.

    ” You cannot make Anti Wrinkle treatments last longer but you can help to extend the length of their effect”.

    Firstly, let’s explain the science part of how these treatments work:

    There are two things you must understand about how Anti Wrinkle injections does what it does……

    • The toxin attaches itself to nerve endings. It acts by disrupting the synaptic pathway between your nerves and facial muscles. Simply put, these injections paralyze the nerves that allow your facial muscles to move.
    • When we feel that treatments “wear off,” after a few months, the medication never really goes away. It is actually the muscle paralysis effect that wears off. The nerve endings that were paralysed are replaced by new endings which grow and are able to stimulate the muscles to move and frown again.
    • Anti Wrinkle injections prevents muscle contractions. This means it only softens and prevents Dynamic Wrinkles. These are the wrinkles that come with facial expressions such as smiling and laughing.
    • Dermal Fillers and Profhilo are designed to treat and fill the lines on your skin. This is why many of our patients choose to combine their regular Anti Wrinkle injections injections with Restylane LYFT and Juvederm ULTRA Fillers and Profhilo Skin boosters injections.

    Results usually become visible 7-8 days after your injections and reach a maximum after 14 days. Your Anti Wrinkle injections will gradually lose effectiveness over three to six months. To help you get the maximum benefit from your treatments, follow these tips:


    • Use a highly experienced certified medical aesthetic practitioner. These injections require the correct + appropriate dosage and precise injection sites for maximum effectiveness.
    • For the first 24 hours, avoid strenuous exercise and excessive heat. Saunas, Hot Yoga, Strenuous exercising ( gentle exercise is fine) or intense facial massages can potentially cause the product to migrate to areas of your face it shouldn’t go. This can result in temporary facial paralysis, eyelid drooping, or other undesirable effects. It may help to sleep on your back in a slightly elevated position for the first night post-injection.
    • Avoid the Sun and Sunbeds.  Sun damage causes premature wrinkles. Anti Wrinkle injections are ineffective against these skin damaged wrinkles because they do not involve the underlying muscles. Always wear SPF on your face, neck, and hands every day. Maintain your results for longer by using a high quality broad-spectrum sunscreen and avoid the outdoors during peak UV hours.
    • Skin Care – The benefits of these treatments will last longer if you take care of your skin. Patients who moisturize AM and PM and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water will enhance the water-absorption effect of hyaluronic-based fillers. This helps the treated areas to remain plump and wrinkle-free.
    • Eating Right – your diet affects both the appearance and health of your skin. Try to avoid eating processed and packaged foods and limit the amount of sugar in your diet. Maintain a steady healthy weight. Extreme weight loss especially on your face will reduce the effectiveness and longevity of your anti- aging injections.
    • Less Stress – Stress negatively affects your body in many ways, accelerates the aging process and rapidly enhances common signs of aging. To extend the benefits of your injections try to reduce unnecessary stress-inducers from your life while incorporating stress relief techniques like meditation or yoga into your day.
    • Zinc Supplements – Some studies have shown that the effects of Anti Wrinkle injections are linked to Zinc levels within the body. Many individuals tend to have a slight zinc deficiency. Regularly taking a zinc supplement after your Anti Wrinkle injections treatment might help to prolong the anti-aging effects.
    • Exercise Effects – Unfortunately, a few patients who are avid runners and work-out-aholics find that their Anti Wrinkle injections and Fillers results do not last as long. Do not stop being active as there is no “fix” for this. Running and exercise makes you happy and healthy. Simply try not to scrunch up your face when working out. Wear a baseball cap and sunglasses while outside to avoid squinting in the bright sun.
    • Stop Smoking- smoking ages your skin and shortens your life.
    • Maintenance Treatments– The best way to extend the life of your Anti Wrinkle injections results is to undergo a maintenance treatment program with your doctor. Plan your appointments before your results wear off. Regular Anti Wrinkle injections treatments are especially useful as they will actually train targeted muscles to respond to the neurotoxin for longer periods of time. The Glabellar Frown Lines between your eyebrows are a great example.  Be Patient and Trust your doctor. Don’t overdo it. Too many treatments too quickly can make your muscles resist Anti Wrinkle injections or react in other negative ways.

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