Lip Fillers

Beautiful Lips with Lip Filler

Strict COVID‐19 infection control measures will be in operation at our clinics for the foreseeable future. All patients must wear a mask when attending & during their treatment.

In such a scenario, it is currently NOT possible to safely offer Lip Filler injections. We know that this is very disappointing news for many of you but is it best to be cautious & wait until we know it is safe!

Dr. Mark Hamilton is a cosmetic doctor and qualified maxillo-facial surgeon. He has been specializing in facial aesthetics for over 17 years. He performs Lip Augmentation using the JUVÉDERM®Collection Of Fillers by Allergan which contain lidocaine (a local anaesthetic).

He also applies a prescription triple anaesthetic cream to your lips 20-30 minutes prior to treatment to further improve your comfort level during injection. Arnica cream is applied immediately after treatment. Dr. Hamilton recommends you continue to apply Arnica cream for 2-3 days post injection as there may be slight bruising

The lips are very vascular and are prone to swelling and bruising which can last in a few days.

Dr. Mark strongly advises that you do not apply make up on the day of treatment.

Downtime is 24-48 hours. If you get a bruise, bruises can last 7 to 10 days. Therefore this type of procedure ideally should not be undertaken within 2 weeks of an important social occasion.

It is recommended that you avoid flying for 5-7 days post treatment as the altitude of the flight and cabin pressure can affect the settling of the filler and may increase bruising.

You will have a full consultation with Dr Hamilton to see if the lip filler procedure is going to give you the result you desire.  Treatments can be performed at the consultation.  Dr. Mark uses 1 ml syringes of the HA filler Juvederm ULTRA by Allergan which he injects into the upper and lower lips. Any residual filler is injected into corners of mouth or naso-labial lines. Lip Fillers should typically last up to 6 months.

All Aesthetic Treatments Are Age Appropriate

Dr. Mark Hamilton is well known for his skillful and natural results when it comes to aesthetic injectables. He is highly regarded by his patients for being incredibly responsible when it comes to their care.

Before your Lip Filler procedure  you will have a full medical assessment and consultation with Dr. Hamilton.  Discuss the look and size you want to achieve with Dr. Mark. He will advise you as what is the most suitable volume you need but more importantly he will give you an honest opinion as to any treatment you do NOT  need.

Dr. Hamilton truly believes that the only time Lip Filler treatment is appropriate is, if he can make you look better than you are already, otherwise there is no reason to proceed.


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