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This information page is intended to give honest and clear advice to readers and does not promote a prescription product.  In order to help educate the public about are their options when considering a non-surgical procedure, we’ve put together this information to explain what goes into bringing you a treatment you can trust.

Dr Mark Hamilton Lip Flip

GUMMY SMILE also known as excessive gingival display is a smile that shows an excessive amount of gum under the upper lip.

A Gummy Smile is caused by having strong lip muscles.

This problem is corrected by injecting into the muscles that pull up your top lip. After a few days these muscles become weakened so your face does not pull up as strongly – thus allowing your top lip to cover over the gums above your teeth.

Don’t worry – you can still smile and talk and laugh and KISS!

Gummy smile a very common complaint with men & women. They love their teeth but are still unhappy with their smile because too much of the gum shows.  This can be so easily corrected without having surgery.

Gummy Smile Injections


Dr. Mark treats gummy smiles by injecting into the Levator Labii Superioris muscle of the upper lip to give the perfect smile. These injections relax the muscle which allows the lips to give more cover to the upper gum when you smile.

Movement is slightly reduced in your upper lip, preventing it from retracting & showing a large amount of gum when smiling.


The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. The treatment needs 2 weeks to reach it’s peak effect & lasts 3-4 months.

Although Gummy Smile injections need to be maintained on a regular basis, our patients are very happy, as it is non-invasive and has no down time.

Gummy Smile Correction

Dr. Hamilton occasionally recommends Lip Filler Injections in addition to anti wrinkle injections to help reduce an over-gummy looking smile.

He uses a 0.55 ml syringe of Juvederm SMILE by Allergan. This amount of lip filler gives subtle volume to your top lip, whilst also helping to cover the upper gum.

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