Excessive Sweating-Hyperhidrosis

Excessive Sweating - Dublin, Belfast and Galway Under Arm Hyperhidrosis: Dr. Mark Hamilton specialises in the treatment of excessive underarm sweating. The dosage used for each treatment is variable and based on the desired effect and the strength of the muscles being injected.

For a very severe case of hyperhidrosis a higher dose of toxin is required. You can have a chat with about this with Dr. Hamilton and decide together.

The injections take two weeks to take effect.

The cost of the procedure is based on the units of toxin required to successfully treat the severity of the sweating. Dr. Hamilton is highly experienced in this procedure and knows a high dose of toxin is needed to get a result that patients are happy with.

Dr. Hamilton reviews his hyperhidrosis patients 3-4 weeks after their injections. He can then access the results and inject more toxin if needed. If there are a few damp patches still occurring, he will top them up with NO extra charges.

To book a consultation  email drmark@hamiltonfaceclinic.com.