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Dr. Mark Hamilton offers Anti Wrinkle Injections in Dublin, Galway & Belfast.

Mark is a specialist in facial aesthetics for over 18 years. and is completely trusted by his many patients.

When he treats wrinkles, he likes to create a smooth natural look and his advice to patients is ‘ Look Fresh Not Frozen ’

Anti wrinkle injections Belfast, Dublin and Galway

When to consider Botox Injections

It is normal and naturally beautiful to have fine lines when you smile or frown.

These lines usually vanish when your face is relaxed. When these wrinkles are still visible while your face is at rest…that’s the time to THINK about having Anti- Wrinkle injections as a preventative treatment to stop your wrinkles getting deeper.

Dr. Hamilton recommends patients to start these type of injections ONLY when their wrinkles begin to be stay visible when their faces are at rest and only under advice from an experienced medical practitioner.

Anti Wrinkle injections Belfast, Dublin and Galway e

Botox Advice

Wrinkles give us character. But…. if you’re bothered by them, it’s nice to know you’ve got options.

Anti Wrinkle Injections are one option and Botox is probably the most well-known methods for preventing + treating wrinkles. When injected correctly, the results look naturally smooth and fresh.

But, before, you rush down the road of aesthetic treatments, it is very important that you have real expectations regarding the results from these type of injections.

Dr. Hamilton says, “Botox will NOT erase all of the wrinkles on your face—it will only smooth your wrinkles that are made from your dynamic facial expressions”

Frowning causes lines between your eyebrows and squinting causes wrinkles around your eyes.

Anti wrinkle Clinic Dublin , Belfast and Galway

Types of Toxin Used in our clinics

Botox®and Dysport®are hot favourites with our patients and are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Dr. Hamilton will personally take you through his Informed Consent Forms and explain the benefits and any possible side effects of these products prior to treatment

He will also discuss your range of options and your level of expectations as to what can be achieved on a budget.

Most importantly, he will give you an honest opinion as to the treatments you do or do NOT need.

Where will my Botox be Injected

1 Area = Glabella / Frown Line between eyebrows and also just above each eyebrow

1 Area = Laugh Lines at sides of each eye + Bunny Lines at bridge of your nose

1 Area = Horizontal lines on forehead


The effects of Botox are temporary, which means you’ll need more injections in the future.

The effect routinely last from 3-4 months. The dosage used for each treatment is variable and based on the desired effect and the strength of the muscles being injected.

Rather than over- injecting it’s better to be cautious when treating a new patient for the first time especially in the case of the forehead to avoid the risk of drooping.

It is for this reason that Dr. Hamilton offers reviews to his patients 2 weeks after their injections. He can then access the results and make any adjustments if needed.


The results can vary from patient to patient.

Botox injections for Laugh Lines around the eyes typically last 3 months while Botox for the frown lines between your eyebrows and forehead lines can last between 4-5 months.

For some patients their Botox effect goes away more quickly than that, while for others it lasts much longer. This is because some patients break down the Botox more rapidly than others. How long the results last really can depend on the patient’s genetic makeup.

Factors which also effect the longevity of your results are the units of toxin injected, your metabolism and lifestyle.

Patients who spend long periods in front of computer screens, play outdoor sports, long distance drivers and golfers etc often experience less longevity for their Crows Feet Botox.

Botox and exercise

Does Working Out Affect Botox Longevity ?

There are no papers written to prove the subject.

We have observed over the past few years in our clinics that athletic exercise definitely does have the possibility of decreasing the duration of Botox. This actually makes sense, as excessive exercise produces free radicals which have the ability to break down tissue in the body, as well as products that are injected.

Dr. Mark recommends to his patients who experience this, they can do one of two things

  • Ideally wait an extra month until you get more movement in your forehead +frown lines and have all 3 areas injected
  • Have the only eye areas injected after 3 months
  • Attend 2 weeks after your Botox treatment to review the results and Dr. Hamilton top it up if needed.
  • Most of Dr. Hamilton’s patients maintain their Botox effect by having injections every 4-5 months whilst other patients he may see only once per year. There is no hard and fast rule.


There is no down time for anti-wrinkle injections. Dr. Mark recommends avoiding strenuous exercise or massaging the area for the first 4 hours after treatment.

Tiny needle marks and redness at the injection sites are normal and are only visible for a few hours. These can covered with concealer. To prevent the risk of infection please do not apply make up for several hours after your procedure.

Also avoid aspirin to reduce bruising. Take paracetamol instead. If you are taking blood-thinning medications, you might get a tiny bruise at the injection point. This will vanish after a few days. Do NOT stop taking your prescribed medication.

Botox Prices


Prices are based on the units of toxin injected into each area. Patients are always delighted with the naturally refreshed look and longevity they get from his treatments.

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All  Medical Aesthetic Treatments Are Age Appropriate

Dr. Mark Hamilton is well known for his skillful and natural results when it comes to aesthetic injectables. He is highly regarded by his patients for being incredibly responsible when it comes to their care.

Dr Mark Hamilton Botox Clinic

Before every treatment, you will have a full medical assessment and consultation with Dr. Hamilton.  Discuss the look you want to achieve with Dr. Mark. He will advise you as what treatments you need but more importantly he will give you an honest opinion as to the treatments you do  NOT  need.


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