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Real patient reviews written in their own words. Check out the emails from our many happy patients. Dr. Mark Hamilton always aims to provide the highest standard of treatments. He would love you to come and see for yourself.

Diego, Dublin, April 2024

Hi Ailbhe,

I hope you and Dr. Mark are doing well. Thank you for the prompt attention to ensuring I felt comfortable during my first appointment. I’m now two weeks post my initial visit, and the results are fantastic. I’m fully satisfied and can’t wait to see you again in a few months.

Regards, Diego

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Audrey, Dublin, March 2024

Hi Ailbhe,

I just wanted to say thank you again for today. I think I am in shock with the results. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the outcome and how much of a difference this will make to my confidence. It’s been a hard few years and I’ve had the stuffing knocked out of me. I couldn’t have come to a better place and I thank you and Mark both for being so supportive and gentle with me. I am one happy patient.This really is life changing.

Kind regards, Audrey

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Louise, Dublin, Feb 2024

Hi Ailbhe,

As always I’m delighted with my refreshed face 🙂 so I better keep it that way! Could I please get an appointment with Mark for end of May please?

Many thanks!


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Maura, Dublin, Feb 2024

Hi Ailbhe,

Apologies I meant to email you a while back! Just a quick note to say I am so happy with results of dermal filler and botox ! (love it) I had with Dr Mark. Absolutely delighted!

Thank you again. Maura.

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Rita, Dublin, Jan 2024

This is a very long overdue thank you for all your advice and help when I had my treatment – I am delighted with the results, Dr Mark read very well what might be possible to achieve with my ‘hooded lids’ and my forehead. All look so much fresher over the past few months.

Of course, I would love to get a view from you guys on when next I could have a ‘freshen up’ of sorts – let me know what you think – It’s not a full 4 months yet and I can still see good effects.

Thank you again Ailbhe you were a brilliant help to me.


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Dee, Dublin, December 2023

Hi Ailbhe

Just a quick note to say I’m absolutely thrilled with my results. Please tell Dr. Mark I’m delighted we did the 3 areas this time…I didn’t find the heaviness that bad at all…it really didn’t bother me…this is definitely what I’ll be doing going forward.

Thanks so much. Dee

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Noelle, Dublin, November 2023


How are you?  I love love love my new face!!

Can I book in please for February for 3 areas again.

Thank you, Noelle

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Catherine, Galway, November 2023

Hi Ailbhe,

Hope all is well with you.  I just wanted to check in since my first appointment with Dr. Mark in July at his Galway clinic. I absolutely loved the results! I looked rested and awake and the Anti-wrinkle injections gave my glabella lines a break from frowning, very happy.

Can you let me know what availability you have in Galway as I would like to top up for Christmas.

Many thanks. Catherine

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Evelyn Dublin, October 2023

Hey Ailbhe,

All is going beautifully with my face 🙂 no bruising, all looks great. Already got a compliment about how well I look 🙂 yay! So, planning ahead can I please make an appointment for January 2024  if that’s possible?

Many thanks! Evelyn

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Geraldine, Galway, September 2023

Dear Ailbhe

I have December in the diary. Please tell Mark I am delighted with my treatment especially the filler and I think I look 10 years younger already.

Warm regards, Geraldine.

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Jill, Dublin, September 2023

Hi Ailbhe
I just want to say a huge thank you to Mark and you. You both made my visit to your clinic a fabulous experience. Your friendliness and the way you talked through every detail of my procedure is second to none. Mark is such a lovely doctor and I felt so at ease and confident in his care !

Thank you, thank you  thank you!


Allison, Belfast August 2023

Hello Karen

I just want to extend my sincere thanks to you and Dr. Mark. As always, Dr. Mark’s treatment turns the clock back in the most subtle and professional way.  My confidence is boosted for another while. Thank you so very much.

Keep safe and well, God Bless, Allison

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Jennifer, Belfast, August 2023

Hi Mark & Karen

Thanks so much for the last-minute appointment. I love my lips and just tightening up my Botox with 2 areas instead of my usual 3, was great thinking. It’s all settling in nicely for my trip to NY!!.

See you in November,


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Jessica, Dublin  July 2023

Hi Ailbhe,

Just wanted to tell you and Dr. Mark, I am absolutely delighted with the results of the smile lines filler. So happy I got it done. Really subtle but it has really made a huge difference to me! Thank him for his patience, have a lovely summer, see you in a couple of months.


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Ciara, Dublin, July 2023

Hello Ailbhe and Mark

I am hoping to rebook an appointment for my Botox. I’ve been loving it and it’s lasting so long. I am hoping to come back at start of September. I would be grateful if you could let me know if there are available dates.

Thanks so much, Ciara

Clodagh, Galway, June 2023

Hi Ailbhe,

Hope you & Dr. Mark are well. I just wanted to email as I should have been back for my injectables already, but I am actually pregnant so will have to put it on hold for a little while!

I was so happy with my result when I was with Mark in Galway in January. Within 48 hours I could see a huge reduction in my lines especially around my eyes which was my biggest concern. I just wanted to say thank you and I will be back but I will have to wait until early 2024, all going well. Have a lovely summer.

Kind Regards Clodagh

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Lorraine, Dublin, May 2023

Thank you Ailbhe and Mark for such a pleasant experience on what was my first step to being “me” again. I know you are inundated with emails but I just wanted to send this to say “thank you”.


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Catherine, Galway, April 2023

Dear Ailbhe

I have been meaning to email for some time to say I am so delighted with the results from my last visit. I am really very grateful for the time I was given by you and Dr Hamilton.

Have a lovely Easter. Kind regards, Catherine

Best Botox Belfast

Marie Dublin, April 2023

Hi Ailbhe,
Hope this email finds you well! I was delighted with my last appointment and thank you to you and Dr. Mark! I feel so much more confident re my mouth area! Now that a few weeks have passed, I was hoping to book another appointment with Dr Mark to have some tweakments on my jaw and perhaps based on his advice some filler in my face.
Many thanks once again. Marie

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Charlotte, Dublin, March 2023

Hi Ailbhe

I hope you are well. Thank you again for the calm and positive experience I had with you both on my first visit to your clinic.

As I said, I have very little experience of this, and I do trust you entirely! I had zero bruising in the recovery and I could see it working its magic over the two weeks. I am happy with the final result, and as I said to Dr. Mark, I really wanted a natural look.

Thank you again so much for your help. Charlotte.

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Sarah, Belfast March 2023

Good morning Karen

I hope you’re well. Please Mark that I’m delighted with my new forehead, compliments are flying !!


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Louise, Galway, February 2023

Hi Ailbhe

Please tell Dr. Mark that I am delighted with last week’s work 🙂  no bruising at all! Skin is looking better! Feeling slightly more youthful!  Looking forward to the top up Profhilo next month. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Many thanks, Louise

Profhilo Galway

Anne Marie, Dublin January 2023

Hi Ailbhe,

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit last Thurs, it was so nice to meet you and Dr Mark. You both make the Clinic such a welcoming place. Dr Mark was very honest and reassuring in his advice and put me immediately at my ease. I felt in very safe hands throughout.  Delighted to report that treatments are indeed taking effect!

Thank you both for your wonderful care. Look forward to my next visit in March!

Kindest Regards, Anne Marie

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Lena, Dublin, December 2022

Hello Ailbhe & Dr Mark,

Lovely to see you both again on my visit to the Dublin clinic last Thursday. Delighted as usual with the results, Dr Mark worked his magic & miracles on me once again!   Ailbhe thank you for taking your time to ensure the visit is so relaxing and for the little tips on aftercare that you give, looking forward to my next visit with the Dream Team!

Kind Regards, Lena

Nadia, Dublin November 2022

Dear Ailbhe,

It is always our pleasure to come and see you and Dr Mark. When we come to your clinic, we always know that we’re in safe hands and this is very important, especially when we talk about the face.

Thank you both for your professional and friendly attitude. Coming to the clinic is always a happy day for me and Mila.

We wish you an amazing Christmas and a peaceful and successful 2023!

Kindest Regards, Nadia

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Celine, Dublin, October 2022

Hi Ailbhe,

Just a quick note to say thank you so much to you and Dr Mark for helping me last week.  So happy with everything and had absolutely no bruising not even a mark!!!!

You were so nice Ailbhe to deal with – a real people’s person you made everything so relaxing and made me completely at ease. Also, a big thank you to Dr Mark for talking me through everything and giving me his honest opinion all the way through.

I will highly recommend your clinic here in Dublin and Galway and will most certainly see you again.


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Dee, Galway, October 2022

Hi Ailbhe I am absolutely over the moon with my results and it’s not even a week in…please tell Dr Hamilton how happy I am…and thank you 😊

Ray, Galway September 2022

Hi Ailbhe hope all is well. I’m delighted with my treatments with Mark, You might let him know. Can you tell me what dates in December ye will be in Galway and I will book in. Also, would it be possible if my wife Julie came for treatments for herself when I’m coming. You told me that would happen ha. It’s like as if you’ve a crystal ball.

Kind regards, Ray

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Rachel, Dublin,  August 2022

Hi Ailbhe and Dr Mark – Thank you both for everything – your advice was very reassuring & the fillers are settling down.

Once more my thanks to you Dr.Mark for his wonderful work and the friendly feel to everything – it’s just superb. You both gave me quite a pick me up and I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Looking forward to seeing you both again on my next visit.


Botox Galway

Lynda, Dublin August 2022

Dear Ailbhe

Tell Dr. Mark, I can already see the difference and my best friends are asking me where I went. So I’m sure they’ll be in touch to get on the list for when the new patient list reopens later this summer. One very happy customer here so you’ll certainly hear from me again!

Thank you for your help. Take care, Lynda

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Michelle, Belfast July 2022

Morning Karen

I just wanted to say a huge big thank you to Dr. Mark and to yourself for getting me an appointment. I could not be happier with his results. I had no issues at all and have regained a degree of confidence in my appearance.

My little 10 year old granddaughter on a recent Zoom call asked me if I was using a filter! Now that says it all.

So once again thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you in a few months.

Kind Regards Michelle.

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Anthony, Dublin June 2022

HI Ailbhe,

How’s things? It’s been 5 weeks since my first appointment. Wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the results. I would say that around half of the lines on my forehead are no longer visible. Others appear reduced in depth.

Could I book another appointment for August please? Same dosage.


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Vanessa, Belfast May 2022

Hi Karen

I just wanted to let you know, I am so happy with the results. It’s so natural. Recently I had my sons Confirmation and everyone was commenting on my “fresh skin”.

Dr. Mark’s results and eye for detail are just wonderful. He’s a true professional at what he does (hence why I’ll continue to travel for 2 hours to see him) and I know he will not make me look like a clown.

Karen, you are a true lady at your delivery of care. We are so lucky to have proper professional Doctors like himself. See you both soon.

Kindest Regards, Vanessa

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Kathleen, Galway April 2022

Dear Ailbhe,

A big thank you for looking after me so well last week, it was lovely to see you again. I just wanted to let Dr. Hamilton know that I am so very pleased with the results of the work he carried out, far exceeding my expectations and hugely appreciated.

I’m going to leave the Profhilo for now Ailbhe, the work so far has made a lovely difference this time so not really sure I need anything additional at this stage.

Thanks again for all your help, I will be in touch in good time for the next appointment. Hopefully, no more COVID pandemics will keep me away quite as long the next time!

Warm regards, Kathleen

Best Botox Belfast

Cara, Dublin April 2022

Thank you Ailbhe for being so welcoming today. You really settled my nerves and made the whole experience very pleasant.

Thank you also to Dr Hamilton who was so professional. I look forward to seeing you both again soon.

Many thanks, Cara

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Kelly, Belfast March 2022

Hi Karen

I attended an appointment with Dr. Mark yesterday. He did an amazing job again as always. Could you pass on my thanks. I look 10 years younger today and can’t stop looking in the mirror LOL.

Many Thanks, Kelly

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Lisa, Dublin February 2022

Hi Ailbhe /Mark

Just wanted to send a quick email to say oh my god I’m so so happy with the results from second round of Profhilo! I went out tonight for dinner and literally felt 25 again. My makeup sat so well on my face and I feel great! Thank you so much.

Have a fab weekend  Lisa

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Rebecca, Belfast February 2022

Hi Karen,

I wanted to check in with Dr. Mark to say that he has given me a huge boost of confidence now that my frown lines are gone! Thank you. I would definitely love to revisit just before my wedding in July.  Can you book me in for mid- June please.

Many thanks again, Rebecca.

Zarah, Dublin January 2022

Hi Ailbhe & Dr. Mark
I thought I’d drop you a line about booking in for my next appointment. I know you guys are super busy so thought I should ask about availability now.

I’m absolutely thrilled with the results from my last visit and there’s a really big improvement in my skin from using the complexion renewal pads.  So, if possible, I’d like to come back in before I run out of the pads. Let me know what you think.

Chat soon, Zarah

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Niamh, Galway January 2022

Hi Ailbhe,

Happy New Year to both you and Dr Mark. I got Anti Wrinkle injections with you in October and was delighted with the results. Just wondering are you coming to Galway at any stage in February?  If so I’d love to book in for an appointment.

Kind Regards, Niamh

Best Botox Doctor Galway

Elaine, Dublin December 2021

Hi Ailbhe,

I just wanted to drop a line to let you know I love my new look!  Please thank Dr. Hamilton for me, I am so so happy with the result, its subtle but lovely and I feel so much less self-conscious !

The combined Profhilo and little bit of filler has made such a difference to the overall healthy look and freshness of my face!

So, thank you!  Regards Elaine

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Shirley, Belfast November 2021

Dear Karen

It was great to meet you and Dr Hamilton. The level and quality of your customer service and his treatments have been amazing! Thank you both so much.

Kind regards, Shirley

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Sarah, Galway November 2021

Hi Ailbhe,

Just to let you know that everything is great all settled down and delighted with the results. I keep checking myself out in the mirror. I’ll be in touch to re book in a few months. Thanks again to you and Dr Mark for everything.

Kind regards, Sarah

Amanda, Dublin October 2021

Hi Ailbhe,

Sorry I missed you yesterday. I got your lovely voicemail. All much better today. So happy with results so far.

Thanks so much for excellent follow up and aftercare.  I really appreciated your reassuring chat & Dr. Mark’s video review especially on a Friday afternoon. Hope you have a great weekend.

Kind regards, Amanda

Best Botox Galway

Caitriona, Galway October 2021

Hi Ailbhe

Please tell Dr. Mark he was right and that I am very happy with my Profhilo already, I think it’s just what I needed and it is still early days. See you in 3 weeks.

Kindest Regards, Caitriona.

Megan, Dublin September 2021

Just a quick note to say it was so lovely to meet both you and Dr. Hamilton today, Ailbhe !  Thanks for all your help on the pre-calls and ensuring the visit was easy and safe. Look forward to coming back in 4-6 months .

Thanks, Megan

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Nigel, Belfast August 2021

Hi Karen,

Just wanted to drop you a message to check in and thank you both for the fantastic treatment and service at the clinic.

I was incredibly happy with the results of the treatment, it went even better than I had anticipated, most certainly I will come back to the clinic for follow ups in the future.

Thank you in advance,

Kind Regards, Nigel

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Sinead, Galway August 2021

Good afternoon, Dr. Mark & Ailbhe,

I hope you are well. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you last week. I’m emailing to say I’m very very happy with the results & on that note is it possible to book an appointment for December? Preferably in the evening?

Kind regards, Sinéad.

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Ruth, Galway July 2021

Hi Ailbhe,

Well it was such a pleasure to meet yourself and Dr. Mark today. Thank you both for making it such a lovely experience, a warm welcome professional no nonsense advice in a fabulous environment.

So, as a result will you please book me in again for four months time whenever you have availability please? Thanks a mil,

Kindest Regards, Ruth

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Alison, Dublin June 2021

Hi Ailbhe,

I hope you’re doing well! My Anti Wrinkle treatment is still looking great, but I wanted to make sure to book in an appointment early for sometime in mid September. Please tell Dr. Mark I really am so happy with the results!

Morning time before 1pm generally work best for me.

Thanks very much!  Alison

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Fiona, Dublin April 2021

Hi Ailbhe

Just a quick note to say thank you. Amazing service as always from both you and Dr. Mark…sorry for rushing, my life revolves around emails and teams calls.

Botox Doctor Dublin

Elaine, Galway January 2021

Hello Ailbhe

Hope you’re doing ok in Lockdown number 3….but thank god January is nearly done and dusted.

Just to let you know that I was so happy with the results from Dr. Mark’s handiwork and was hoping to book in again for March/April…. Thought I’d drop you a line to see if you think Dr. Mark will be holding a Galway clinic around then as I know he will be very busy.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards  Elaine

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Siobhan, Dublin December 2020

Hi Ailbhe,

I hope you and Dr. Hamilton are keeping well! I am very pleased with my treatments from November and was hoping to schedule an appointment for March as I know you are very busy. Mornings generally work best for me if possible, but I should be able to adjust my schedule if an afternoon appointment is available.

Thanks for getting back to me about this and hope you both have a Happy Christmas!  Best Wishes Siobhan.

Best Botox Doctor

Tracey, Belfast November 2020

Hi Karen

I was in for my first appointment with Dr. Hamilton on Tuesday, Could you please let him know I had no bad reaction at all, not even a bruise, which I am prone to. The results are really really good. I had explained to him I had some adverse effects before when I had injections previously done in England,

I am looking forward to getting more treatments with him next year and thank you for sorting out my appointments as I had to change a few times. Have a nice Xmas and hopefully see you next year. Thank you. Tracey

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Alison, Dublin October 2020

Hi Ailbhe & Dr. Mark

So glad I got in before Lockdown. It is madness all of this. I had a lovely day off from work that day and driving into town was lovely and peaceful.  Just wanted to say that I am delighted with my results and the Zein Obagi pads you recommended. I love them for refining my skin.

I am only dying to get my fillers done as my friend’s wedding is proceeding in 3 weeks’ time now. Raging I didn’t have the money to get them this month early next year for sure!!

Thank you both for everything.  Stay well. Regards Alison

Catherine, Dublin October 2020

Hello Dr. Mark & Ailbhe.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for my experience at your clinic. I would like to thank you both so very much for your professionalism, kindness and expertise shown to me once again during my annual visit to your practice. Having my yearly procedure is something I take very seriously. It is with this in mind that I place all my trust in Dr. Mark.

And yourself Ailbhe, I would like to commend you on the level of Covid-19 measures that are in place within your practice. I have been a patient of Dr. Mark for some years now and to say that I have been so thrilled with my results each and every time would be an understatement. I would highly recommend Dr. Hamilton without hesitation for any aesthetic treatments. Until my next visit, thank you both so very much.

Kindest regards, Catherine

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Veronica, Dublin September 2020

Hello Ailbhe and Dr. Mark (or indeed Mr. Hamilton 🙂 )  I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with my procedure I had at your amazing practice yesterday 17th September 2020. To say I am happy with the results already, would be an understatement!  Thank you for your kindness and welcome once again. It just shows how utterly important it is to only put yourself in the very best hands.

Kindest regards and many thanks. Veronica

Best Botox Belfast

Maria, Dublin  September 2020

Hi Ailbhe,

Many thanks to yourself and Mark for the time extended to both Laura and I yesterday, we really enjoyed the full experience, Mark was so knowledgeable and measured in his approach to both Laura and myself.

Also sincere thanks to you, your personality and disposition would cheer anyone up and put them at ease.

I would like to book back in for the Profhilo and also filler could you give me an estimate of cost please?

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Elizabeth, Galway September 2020

Hi Dr. Mark & Ailbhe

Thanks for making me feel so welcome and comfortable at my first appointment. I am delighted with my treatment and can understand why women love it so much!

Anyhow, I would like to buy the ZO primer, 0.5 retinol and the recovery cream please. If you could let me know what you have in stock and the total cost I can give you a buzz with card details and address for postage..

Thanks again and I will see you soon 🙂

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Louise, Dublin August 2020

Hi Ailbhe,

I must have been one of Dr. Mark’s last patients before Lockdown in March and I was so grateful that he was able to see me. Throughout the months that followed and all the uncertainty, I felt a lot better than I would have otherwise felt because, as always, he did a wonderful job and gave me a nice face to see me through the summer months.

It sounds like a trivial thing to be grateful for Anti Wrinkle injections and fillers …. but honestly, this year has taken a toll on us all and just to look nice in times of isolation and fear is a big help to people’s mental health. It helped me anyway!

So please tell Dr. Mark that I appreciated him seeing me and thank him for the brilliant work he did.

Botox Galway Dublin Belfast

Helena, Dublin July 2020

Hello Ailbhe,

Thank you so much to yourself and Dr Mark for working your magic and miracles on me yesterday. I’m a new woman. You both do your best to make the visit so relaxed and enjoyable in these very strange times!

Thanks again to you both

Evelyn, Galway July 2020

Hi Ailbhe,

Firstly, just to say delighted with my smooth lines from my visit on Wednesday. I said I would drop you an email today regarding another appointment . Can you book me and two of my sister’s in please.

Botox Clinic Merrion Square Dublin 2

Jennifer, Dublin July 2020

Hi Mark & Ailbhe

Just a note to say thank you for a super job yesterday!  The new COVID layout in the clinic worked great. Everything was perfect. I felt really safe. Well done you. And Mark, always the gentleman!

See you later in the year.

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Adrienne, Dublin July 2020

Hi Ailbhe

So good to see you & Dr. Mark last Wednesday and thanks so much for running everything so smooth and enjoyable. Was feeling a bit low. It was such a nice boost to see the two of you. Love the new look Mark in his PPE gear

Profhilo Neck rejuvenation

Eva, Belfast July 2020

Dear Dr Hamilton and Ailbhe.

I hope this email finds you well.  Just wanted to say that I absolutely love love love the results of the last procedure. Many thanks . See you in December . Enjoy the summer.

Richard, Dublin March 2020

Dear Dr Hamilton and Ailbhe,

I just wanted to send my sincere thanks and appreciation for being able to slot me in last Thursday. Moreover I’m very grateful to you for putting me at ease and making the whole experience very relaxed.

If feedback is of any use I would like to say the following:  I attended with very realistic expectations which included the very real possibility I wouldn’t at all benefit from the procedures. However I really do have to say I’m absolutely blown away by the results. They exceed any optimistic expectations I may secretly have had.  Indeed, I wonder had I approached this with needless pessimism in the interests of staying realistic.

Thank you again.  Really thrilled with the outcome and the much appreciated anxiety abolishing approach you both had.

I won’t hesitate to recommend your clinic whenever the topic comes up with friends and family.

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Barbara Belfast, February 2020

I was at Dr. Hamilton’s 11.02.2020, very cordial and honest, you can see that he knows his job, I am very happy with the result, I wanted to thank and recommend Doctor Mark Hamilton’s clinic in Belfast to anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their face.


Peter, Belfast  February 2020

Hello Ailbhe,
I was wondering if I could schedule another appointment with Dr Hamilton in Belfast. I had a very positive first experience with him and look forward to attending again! Evenings are best or any time, depending on his own availability.


Karina, Dublin   January 2020

Hi Dr. Mark,

I had my Anti Wrinkle injections at your Dublin clinic on 16 January. So only 3 days ago. I had a really deep line in between my eyebrows that I had previously been told by another doctor that anti wrinkle injections wouldn’t help it. I was told I would have to get filler to get rid of it and that I could possibly go blind if I did as its so close to my eyes.  Well anyway day 3 and it’s nearly gone.

Thank you so much and I will definitely be back to you Mark.


Paula, Belfast  January 2020

Hi Ailbhe. Thank you for your helpful tips and jolly calls. You are a great asset for Dr Hamilton’s clinic. I was made to feel so welcome by the receptionist when I got to Belfast who made me a cuppa. I enjoyed it in the most beautiful lounge. Dr Hamilton was great. I thought was going to get my lips done but with his knowledge he advised other places to put filler instead. Will recommend his clinic to my friends.


Fiona, Galway 

Just wanted to shoot off an email to say a big thank you for putting me at ease last Wednesday….I was so happy with the results…I hardly felt a thing during the procedure and Dr. Hamilton was a true gentleman…I now have found my go to Doctor for any cosmetic procedures and I feel so comfortable and at ease. I loved his honesty and his knowledge is amazing. Please pass on my sincere thanks and I will be in touch in the future for my next appointment.

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Kelly Anne, Belfast

I was treated by you last night in Belfast, OMG I am in love with myself today. LOL. I’ve never looked better, cant stop looking at myself, You’re a genius, I was feeling very low in myself before, I feel great today. Thank you very much for your patience and time because I was a very nervous customer, and nearly chickened out, but it wasn’t bad at all. I had a pleasant experience with you. I will come back again. Thanks again I feel great.

Sarah,  Galway 

Hi Ailbhe, Hope all is well.  I visited Dr Hamilton in Galway last December for 3 areas of anti-wrinkle injections & I was wondering when his next available date for Galway for the same treatment would be? I was so happy with the results of my last visit – amazing work!

Thanks so much,


Dermal Fillers Galway

Una, Dublin

Dear Ailbhe, Thank you for fitting me in yesterday. I really appreciated your help and Dr Hamilton’s advice and expertise. There is not even a slight bruise this morning. Can you let me know if there is any cancellation for Dr Hamilton next Thursday or the following week in Dublin? I am now thinking of doing fillers. Thank you , Kind regards , Una

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Ciara, Dublin

Good morning, I’ve been mulling things over since my consultation with Dr. Mark last week. It’s taken a few days to get my head around the idea!  I would now like to book a treatment please. I appreciate the honest and conservative advice I received, I felt I wasn’t subjugated to a hard sell-I don’t think my fragile ego could have taken a litany of cosmetic alteration suggestions!

Kind regards  Ciara

Lynn, Dublin

Hi Mark. Just writing to say thank you. I won’t be needing my review appointment this Thursday. I’m very happy with the results. Thanks Ailbhe, you should set up your own therapy section there, you are like a little bottle of champagne, full of bubbles and fun. You are lovely people & a pleasure to do business with. Look forward to seeing you soon. In the meantime, have a lovely Christmas and enjoy the well earned rest.

Denise Murray

I followed Dr. Mark from other clinics he worked at.  I did try a cheaper place but the wrinkles came back after a few weeks. He gives good value for your money. Always happy my result. I am going to stay with him because he is the best.

David, Dublin

After coming to the clinic to see Dr Mark Hamilton for a frown lines consultation he noticed the shape of my jaw was irregular and asked me if I grinded my teeth. I have been wearing a dental guard for this for several years and in fact bitten through it numerous times. He inspected my teeth and jaw and confirmed the problem. I received muscle relaxing injections into my jaw muscles and was sceptical about what would happen. I had noticed that my headaches and pain had gone and the shape of my face had improved looking slimmer but didn’t connect it. Slowly the pain started to return and only after months of being pain free did I connect the treatment. I had seen specialists in Vancover and here in Dublin about the problem and they hadn’t even heard of this treatment. I even cancelled a business trip to see him again as it was the only treatment I found that worked. Cant describe how grateful I am.

Jo Lloyd

I’ve been to see Dr Mark Hamilton several times . Every time I’m impressed with the level of care & professionalism of service he delivers. Dr Mark goes through an in depth consultation before proceeding with each treatment to ensure you receive your desired look. I’m a beautician by trade, every aspect of the service delivered at his clinic impresses me, it is for this reason that I would recommend him to anyone considering nonsurgical facial enhancements.

Best Botox Clinic Dublin

Cathriona, Belfast

Working as cabin crew and flying the next day I was worried about the lips looking swollen as they had been when I had tried lip enhancement with someone else before. Thank you for reassuring me and helping me to choose the right product to give my lips the perfect pout. Worked the next day and no swelling or bruising whatsoever. I’m delighted with my new lips!

Clare Magee

I’ve been going to Dr Mark Hamilton for the past 4 years, and I can honestly tell you that if you’re looking for treatments with an expert in his field and where you will get 100% satisfaction with your results go to Dr Mark Hamilton . He is professional , Friendly , and knowledgeable I wouldn’t go to anyone .

Botox Dublin

Louise, Galway

Hi Ailbhe,   Hope you and Dr. Mark are well. Sorry I haven’t been in touch till now, because I wanted to say I was absolutely thrilled with the results of my filler package. Dr. Mark really listened to my concerns and he put lots of small injections of filler where I needed it in the lower half of my face, rather than in one or two areas. I LOVE the new me, please tell him I’m absolutely delighted !


Angie, Belfast

Myself & my partner had heard numerous positive reviews about Dr. Mark Hamilton’s clinic in Lisburn Road through friends. We attended mid-September to a discreet although easily found location.

We were put at ease on arrival with Anne at reception and then met with Dr. Mark who was very down to earth and answered all our questions regarding treatment and aftercare. Our treatment of choice was Anti-Wrinkle injections in 3 areas, after an initial assessment we went ahead in a clean and comfortable atmosphere but non-clinical manner. We both felt very comfortable and each stayed while the other had the procedure, all in all it took about 45 mins and we were very happy with the attentive care taken.

On our return visit two weeks later, my partner required the smallest adjustment to satisfy his needs whereas I was delighted with my results. We have both had Anti-Wrinkle injections prior to this experience & both agreed this has been the highest quality all-rounder thus far. With thanks to all at the clinic on the Lisburn Road.

Ruth, Galway

Hi Ailbhe,  I had my first treatment with Mark back in September and am so happy with how long I got from it. I would like to book in again for May.  Can you please tell me what availability you have?  The Tuesday evening session would be best as I will be driving over after work. Possibly for two people. I would like to bring a friend.  Thank you, Ruth

Sinead , Dublin

Hi Ailbhe,  Thank you so much for fitting me in yesterday and Dr Mark for seeing me. Please tell him that I am really happy. He really is the best. I hope I did not take up too much of his time as I know ye were very busy. You are incredible at your job so good and helpful making me feel at ease and welcome all time. Wishing you a very happy Xmas and may 2019 be a great year for you and Mark.
Thank you again
Best wishes always Sinead x

 Heather Belfast

Just emailing to say thank you so much to Dr Mark yesterday for my appointment. So pleased with the result.  Couldn’t be happier and what a great first experience of something cosmetic. Will be recommending to anyone who I know wants something done!  Thanks again and see you again soon!


Shannon, Dublin

I was quite nervous about my treatment and apprehensive about how it would turn out. Mark was fantastic talked me through it and the other treatments I had researched. He made me feel very comfortable and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you Mark. I’m so over the moon with my results I can’t tell you how thankful I am and couldn’t have asked for a nicer doctor. Also Ailbhe is fantastic such a nice lady!! Thank you again.