Botox Belfast Prices

Doctor led medical aesthetic clinic under the medical directorship of Dr. Mark Hamilton. He is trained in maxillofacial, neck and facial reconstructive surgery.

Belfast Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

1 Area :  £175

2 Areas : £250

3 Areas : £295

Prices are based on the Units of toxin needed to soften & erase your wrinkles.

Female Dosage per area:  Glabellar Frown Lines = 23- 26 units, Eyes = 13 units each eye, Forehead = 12-16 units.

Male Dosage per area:  Glabellar Frown Lines = 32-40 units, Eyes = 14 units each eye, Forehead = 20-26 units.  ** As Men need a higher dosage of toxin, prices are an extra £10-15 per area.

Medical/ Therapeutic Treatments

Gummy Smile from £175

Bruxism from £295

Blepharospasm ( Eyelid twitching)  from £250

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) from £350

Migraines from £390

Neck Tension from £400

Hyperhidrosis from £450

Prices are based on the Units of toxin needed to treat the condition and include your examination & consultation with Dr. Hamilton.

Botox as a drug treats many things

Dr. Mark Hamilton Blog – Can Botox Help Depression

NEFERTITI  NECK LIFT – Dr. Hamilton is offers  Jaw & Neck line tightening injections from £180 at same sitting as Facial Anti -Wrinkle Injections and Facial Dermal Fillers – not available with Lip Fillers.

Neck treatments are only available as part of our Facial Botox + Filler Packages.

They are not offered as a stand alone treatment.

Belfast Anti-Wrinkle + Dermal Filler Packages

One Area + ½ ml Filler = £350

Two Areas + ½ ml Filler = £ 430

Three Areas + ½ ml Filler = £470

Dermal Filler Belfasr

1 Area + 1ml of Filler = £425

2 Areas + 1ml of Filler = £500

3 Areas + 1ml of Filler = £545

Belfast Botox Clinic

1 Area  + 2 ml Filler = £670

2 Areas  + 2 ml Filler = £770

3 Areas + 2 ml Filler = £810

Nefertiti Neck Lift costs from £180 with this package.

Belfast Profhilo & Anti-Wrinkle Packages

One Area + Profhilo   £475

Two Areas + Profhilo   £550

Three Areas +  Profhilo  £595

Your 4 week follow up Profhilo costs £280

Anti- Wrinkle +Profhilo Packages

One Area + Profhilo x 2 = £750

Two Areas + Profhilo x 2 = £850

Three Areas + Profhilo x 2 = £890

Anti-Wrinkle + Profhilo + Dermal Filler  Packages

1 Area + Profhilo + Filler (1 ml)    £725

2 Areas + Profhilo +  Filler (1 ml)   £800

Areas + Profhilo +  Filler (1 ml)   £850

Botox for Jaw Clenching

Belfast Profhilo Skin Booster Prices

£300 per treatment.

£580 for two treatments, if administered at same appointment.

“Baby Botox®” – £175     Baby Botox Information

Gummy Smile Botox Injections -£175


Belfast Hyperhidrosis Prices

Female Hyperhidrosis- Underarm Excessive Sweating- from £450

Male  Hyperhidrosis-Underarm Sweating Injections – from £500

At your 2-4 week review, if there are damp patches still occurring, Dr. Hamilton will top them up with NO extra charges.

Belfast Dermal Filler Prices

Juvederm Ultra 4® (1 ml )    £275

Restylane LYFT®  (1 ml )      £275

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All Aesthetic Treatments Are Age Appropriate

Before every treatment, you will have a full medical aesthetic assessment and consultation with Dr. Hamilton.

At your consultation, he will advise you about your options and personally take you through his Risk Informed Consent forms.

Discuss the results you want to achieve with Dr. Mark. He will talk you through the treatments you might need but more importantly, he will give you an honest opinion as to the treatments you do NOT need.

Dr. Mark Hamilton is highly regarded by his patients for being incredibly responsible when it comes to their care. Only the highest grade prescription products are used at his clinics.

Dr. Hamilton truly believes that the only time aesthetic treatments are appropriate is, if he can help you to look and feel a better version of yourself.

The Medical & Therapeutic Treatments on offer are NOT claimable under private health insurance.

Consultation Fee is £150 which is deducted from the cost of your procedure.

Dr Mark Hamilton Botox Clinic Belfast

Prices include your medical assessment, aesthetic consultation and treatment with Dr. Mark Hamilton.

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