Statement of Purpose & Patient Guide

Statement of Purpose

The aims and objectives of Hamilton Face Clinic Ltd are to provide high quality, non-surgical aesthetic injectable treatments to the public.

The registered provider of aesthetic treatments at Hamilton Face Clinic located at 15 Sandringham Street Belfast BT97DR, is Dr Mark Hamilton MB. BAO. BCh. M.R.C.S.I.

Dr. Mark Hamilton is a qualified Doctor and trained Surgeon and is the sole provider of all aesthetic treatments.

Dr.  Mark Hamilton is the medical director of Hamilton Face Clinic Ltd.

Hamilton Face Clinic provides non-surgical aesthetic and medical treatments including botulinum neurotoxin, non-permanent dermal fillers, skin boosting injectables and topical skincare. The purpose of these treatments is to improve the quality and appearance of damaged and ageing skin, improve psychological well being and prevention of further damage to their skin.

All consultations treatments and follow up appointments are carried out by face-to-face consultation with Dr Mark Hamilton.

All treatments are outpatient based.

All complaints are dealt with promptly as per complaints policy and the privacy and dignity of patients is of utmost importance and is duly respected at all times.

Terms and conditions in respect of services to be provided.

Dr. Hamilton always puts his patient’s well-being first and offers honest advice.  At every appointment Dr Hamilton will perform a full assessment before any procedures are carried out. His aim is to always find the best treatment plan to meet his patients’ expectations.

Rather than focusing on just one area, he will always look at the face and neck as a whole before you and he decide together on an individual treatment plan.

Patients will have a consultation prior to treatment and a fee of £150 is deducted if you choose to undergo treatment.  During consultations Dr Hamilton takes time to fully inform patients about the benefits and possible side effects of the aesthetic procedure they are about to undertake.

The treatments provided are botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, skin boosters and skincare.

Treatments of botulinum toxin start from £175 upwards and dermal fillers from £250.

Price lists and packages are clearly listed on the website 

Payments are accepted by credit and debit card. No medical insurance or payment plans are accepted.

Contract for the provision of services

Patients all have a face-to-face consultation with Dr Hamilton. After a facial examination and reading appropriate consent forms patients then discuss any treatments with Dr Hamilton. Having agreed upon the treatment plan you will have the opportunity to have this treatment at the clinic. Consent is always taken before hand and can be removed at any stage. During treatment patients will be asked to rate pain on a 0 to 10 scale and appropriate ways to alleviate pain will be offered.

All patients are given aftercare and expectations for the days after treatment discussed. A review appointment is offered, and patients are made aware of the ways to contact Dr Hamilton if they have any concerns regarding the treatment they have received.


If you have a complaint or a concern, we encourage you to raise it directly with Dr Hamilton or any member of staff at the earliest opportunity. You can make your complaint in person, in writing and via email. We will respond to all complaints as promptly as possible to address all the concerns raised.

Complaints will be responded to within the appropriate timescales. Any anticipated delays and the reason for the complaint will be conveyed to the complainant.

The response to the complaint will be clear, accurate and easy to understand. The response to the patient will contain an apology and address all the concerns raised in the complaint.

Any changes to practice as a result of the complaint will be discussed with the complainant or written in the response letter so that the complainant is informed how their complaint has been taken seriously.

The response will also contain details of the options the complainant can take if they remain dissatisfied.

Clinic Address:

Hamilton Face Clinic

15 Sandringham Street




How we uphold a patient focused, quality service.

Patients are encouraged to use the comments box provided in the clinic waiting area. In addition, patients will be provided with a satisfaction survey 3 times per year and the results displayed in the clinic for patients to view. The survey will be used to enhance the quality of the service that we provide. The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) is a Regulatory Body and will have no part to play in resolution of complaints. However RQIA will be notified of any breach of regulations or associated standards and will review the matter and as a Regulatory Body will take whatever appropriate action is required.

How to contact the RQIA.

The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority

1st Floor James House

2-4 Cromac Ave



Tel no: 028 95361111

The most recent and up to date report provided by the RQIA can be obtained online through the RQIA website under the heading ‘inspections’.

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