Flying After Anti Wrinkle Injections

Can I Fly After Anti-Wrinkle injections

This blog is intended to give honest and clear advice to our readers and does not promote prescription products. In order to help educate the public about flying after anti wrinkle injections, we’ve put together this information to explain the possible risks and clarify the side effects.

Regular Patients Ask – Can I Fly After My Treatment ?

The short answer is  YES .

Flying does not affect the outcome of your Anti-Wrinkle treatments.

Research has shown that neuro toxin is taken up by the facial muscles and nerves in just five minutes. This means that shortly after your treatment, the injected product should be fully in place and you are free to carry out your normal activities, including flying if you wish.

As long as you abide by our post-treatment commendations, you will be completely fine !

Long Haul Flights

Current literature advises that ideally patients should wait 24 hours post-treatment before flying long haul.

Dr. Hamilton treats many patients who work as flight attendants and has lots of patients from overseas. If they are flying long haul, he advises them to wait one day.

Cabin Pressure

Previously, there were some concerns that changes in cabin pressure during a flight taken soon after anti wrinkle injection treatment could lead to unwanted side effects.

Theoretically, different cabin pressures on connecting long haul flights could cause the toxin to migrate from it’s original injection site, potentially resulting in an asymmetrical appearance and also could cause bruising. These theories are not scientifically proven.

Cabin pressures are generally the same as the air pressure on the ground. It is the air pressure outside the cabin that is different.

Unless your seat is outside on the wing, You Are Good to Go!

First Time Patients – Flying After Treatment 

There are no issues for our regular patients flying within 24 hours of having Anti-Wrinkle injections.

However, our Newbies are never injected for their very first time within 2 weeks of flying abroad.

First time patients usually start noticing changes in their facial movements around 2-5 days after treatment.

These are completely new sensations for them to experience & it is comforting to have your injector or patient advisor close by if you need any reassurance about these new feelings.

Side Effects & Aftercare

Anti-Wrinkle injections are a relatively low risk treatment, however some people do experience minor side effects. For example, headaches, heavy forehead or drooping eyelids.

Be reassured, it is very rare for any complications to arise after these type of injections, if administered by a qualified and experienced medical expert.

Should you develop side effects, it is nice to have your own aesthetic doctor close at hand rather than seeking out another practitioner abroad.

Dr. Mark always advises that his Newbies book their first Anti Wrinkle treatment 2 weeks prior to flying. This will allow you to have a post treatment review with him & he can perform any tweakments before jetting off!

Post treatment recommendations include avoiding excessive heat and alcohol for 48 hours after your treatment. These things go hand-in-hand with holidays, so it’s best to wait until you can properly enjoy them.

After all, what’s a holiday without Sand, Sea, Cocktails & Sunshine!

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