Heavy Forehead After Anti Wrinkle Injections

Heavy Forehead After Anti Wrinkle Injections

This blog is intended to give honest and clear advice to readers and does not promote prescription products. In order to help educate the public about are their options when considering a non-surgical procedure, we’ve put together this information to explain what goes into bringing you aesthetic treatments you can trust.

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Anti Wrinkle injections have an excellent 30 year track record for treating forehead lines & wrinkles. These injections are safe and effective when performed by an experienced aesthetic injector. However, there are a few temporary side effects associated with these procedures.

During the first 2 weeks after your AW injections, your forehead & eyelids will feel heavy.

This is typically caused by one of two reasons.

1) It can result from the relaxation of the frontalis or forehead muscle.

2) Some people use their frontalis to lift the top portion of their eyelids-we all do this especially when applying mascara!

Heavy eyelids after Botox

What to Expect :

Your eyebrows and eyelids may also appear a little puffy first thing in the morning upon awakening- but don’t worry this will settle down after a few days.

Our regular patients expect tightness and heaviness after their procedure as they know their treatment is ‘Kicking-In’.

This feeling resolves itself after 2-4 weeks, as your brain gets used to this new relaxation of your muscles.

Any heaviness you are experiencing will fade away and your forehead & eyelids will feel lighter.

Heavy feeling after botox

First Timers

First time  patients always need time to adapt- not only to their new fresher look but also to having less muscle control in their face.

This feeling is totally normal after a moderate dosage treatment. It just depends on whether you can cope with the feeling or not.

Allow yourself a few weeks to get used to the new sensation that you can’t lift your forehead as freely as you’ve been doing for years. This feeling will fade and usually settles down after 3 to 5 weeks.

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It is perfectly normal after having wrinkle smoothing injections in your forehead, for your brow and eyelids to feel heavy. It is almost impossible to treat wrinkles in that area and not give that heavy brow feeling.

Dr. Hamilton injects each of his patients with a bespoke dose which he determines is the most appropriate for them.

Typically, he starts with a low to medium dose across the Frontalis the muscle which covers parts of the forehead of your skull. To avoid drooping of your brow, he will only increase the dosage if needed. 

Trust your doctor– the heavy feeling will subside as you have not been over injected.

Forehead Botox

Eyebrow & Eyelid Exercises

The Frontalis is the muscle in your forehead which controls the raising of your eyebrows.

After 2 weeks, if you still feel heaviness, try gentle eyebrow raising exercises and blinking your eyelids rapidly for 30 seconds. Do this 4 times daily for 2-4 days as it may help resolve the heaviness.

Don’t overdo it!

Future Treatments

For your next treatment, to avoid the heavy sensation, you can choose to make your forehead less smooth.

This involves injecting a slightly lower dose of toxin. However, you will still see your forehead lines after your treatment.

While your forehead won’t be totally smooth, your lines will appear softer and you will have lots of movement in your forehead.

Some of our patients have tried this option but most revert back to their recommended forehead dose and tolerate the heaviness for 3-4 weeks.

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