Can I have Botox following COVID-19?

Can I have Botox following COVID-19?

The stress of Lockdown & the fear of COVID-19 weighs heavily on all of us. While patients love to have their aesthetic treatments, they wonder if it is responsible or safe for them to do so, especially if they had a PCR+ result.

Patients who were asymptomatic (no symptoms) during their infection and do not have a cough or fever after 14 days since the date of their positive PCR test can safely have aesthetic treatments.

Most people who have COVID-19 symptoms recover quickly and are thankfully able to resume their normal lives after the recommended quarantine period.

But sadly for some, the effects of the virus can last for months. This is known as“ Long Covid”. If this is the case, it is best to wait until you feel completely well + symptom free and seek advice from your GP before having Botox.

Botox injections during COVID- 19

Strict infection prevention protocols are in operation at our clinics to keep you safe. The risks of any procedure you decide to have will be explained at your appointment by Dr. Mark Hamilton.


All our patients receive a pre-treatment COVID- 19 assessment by email, usually two days before their appointment. It is vital that you read and respond to this online consent form as it allows us to screen you for symptoms or exposure to SARS-CoV-2 virus. If you are experiencing any symptoms or feel unwell, we can use this opportunity to reschedule your appointment to a date at least 14 days later.

Is it safe to have Botox


Where it is possible, we ask that you attend your appointment directly from home. Our bathrooms are available for use and are managed according to our stringent infection control.


Ailbhe or Karen will welcome you into the clinic. It is important that you arrive on time and alone as we are managing appointments very tightly to ensure only one patient is in the clinic at any one time.

Arrive wearing a mask and make up free. If you are unable to do so, make up remover is provided.


On entering the reception area, we ask you to use our hand sanitiser and pop on one of our fresh disposable, fluid-resistant surgical masks. This mask will worn during your procedure. Your temperature will be taken. Should you have an unusually high temperature, we may defer treatment for the safety of you and our team.

Your personal items will be placed into a plastic bag, which will be kept with you.

You will then be escorted to the waiting room which will be empty and is hygienically cleaned after each patient.

Botox Clinic Merrion Square Dublin


Dr. Hamilton will have prepared the ventilated treatment room, including disinfecting all surfaces and the treatment couch before your procedure. He will be wearing theatre scrubs, two masks (N95 and surgical) plus a protective face-visor and fresh apron. He will wash & sanitise his hands and put-on surgical gloves before making any contact with you.

You will have the opportunity to ask him any questions prior to your treatment commencing, However, please understand that he might not be as chatty as usual, to minimise the risk of droplet transmission. He also will keep contact time to a minimum, so whilst he won’t rush your treatment, he will endeavour to be as efficient as possible.

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You will be provided with a fresh mask when leaving the clinic. This will ensure the injected areas are kept clean and stop you touching your face. It also minimises the possible risk of infection from putting back on your own used mask post-treatment.

Patient having Botox during COVID-19


Dr. Mark Hamilton & our team want to assure you that we have made every effort to ensure your safety is not at risk. You will see our infection control protocols in action, including room ventilation + disinfection to decontaminate all high touch areas of the clinic. These protective measures will be in place at our clinics until at least the end of 2021.

We would like to say thank you for adhering to our stringent COVID 19 guidelines and for playing your part to keep yourself, your fellow patients, Dr. Mark, his team and our community safe.


This COVID-19 health crisis is not going away any time soon. We all want to look our best and feel less stressed especially during these uncertain times. But does that make us sound a little vain?

Here at the Hamilton Face Clinic we believe “When you LOOK better, you FEEL better & when you feel better you LIVE YOUR LIFE better ”

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Dr. Mark Hamilton has decided to temporarily suspend medical aesthetic services at his Belfast, Dublin & Galway clinics and we are monitoring the situation on a daily basis.

Our offices are still open for bookings & enquiries. Extra clinic dates will be offered to care for patients whose appointments are affected. We will contact you directly.



We can’t wait to see everyone again- In the meantime Stay Well, Stay Safe and Stay Home

Watch out for our next Blog on COVID Vaccines and Aesthetics treatments



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