Can I Get Cosmetic Injectables After Having COVID?

Can I Get Anti Wrinkle Injections after having RSV or COVID?

It is never a good idea to have cosmetic treatments while you are feeling ill. Best to wait until the sickness has gone & you are feeling better. When you are sick, your immune system is weakened, which increases the risk of infection. If you are taking any medications like antibiotics that suppress your immune system, it is not recommended to get Anti Wrinkle injections.

Patients who are asymptomatic (no symptoms) and do not have a cough or fever after 14 days can safely have aesthetic treatments.

Most people who develop RSV or COVID-19 symptoms recover quickly and are thankfully able to resume their normal lives after the recommended isolation period.

But sadly for some, the effects of the virus can last for months. This is known as “ Long Covid”. If this is the case, it is best to wait until you feel completely well and seek advice from your GP before having cosmetic injectables.

Can i have Botox after Covid vaccination


Usually, there are no contraindications when it comes to most vaccines & Anti-Wrinkle injections. Because COVID-19 vaccines are so new, it is difficult to give a 100% guarantee.

Currently, there is neither medical advice against nor any known risk associated with getting anti-wrinkle injections after having any Flu vaccination or Covid-19 booster.

Dr. Hamilton recommends prioritizing your vaccination over aesthetic injections as protection is essential to your health and safety.

Wait for 2 weeks after your jab before you have your aesthetic treatments. If you don’t experience any unusual side effects to the vaccine, you should be fine to have your Wrinkle Smoothing or Dermal Filler injections.

Always stay on the safe side – Let your doctor know that you’ve had the Flu or Covid vaccine when booking your appointment.

Botox injections during COVID- 19

Strict infection prevention protocols are in operation at our clinics to keep you safe.

The risks of any procedure you decide to have will be explained at your appointment by Dr. Mark Hamilton.


All our patients receive a pre-treatment health assessment by email, usually two days before their appointment. It is vital that you read and respond to this online consent form as it allows us to screen you for symptoms or exposure to any viruses.

If you are experiencing any symptoms or feel unwell, we can use this opportunity to reschedule your appointment to a date at least 14 days later.


Dr. Mark Hamilton & our team want to assure you that we have made every effort to ensure your safety is not at risk.

You will see our infection control protocols in action, including room ventilation + disinfection to decontaminate all high touch areas of the clinic. These protective measures are always in operation at our clinics.



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