During COVID-19 Do Cosmetic Treatments Help Improve Your Self Esteem ?

During COVID-19 Do Cosmetic Treatments Help Improve Your Self-Esteem?  Louise is typical of many patients whom Dr. Mark Hamilton has treated post COVID-19 Lockdown. Her email really speaks from the heart.

During COVID-19 Do Cosmetic Treatments Help Your Self-Esteem?

The Stress of Social Distancing is having a deep psychological impact on many of us. How we take care of ourselves (and those around us) makes a big difference to the way we feel.

At the Hamilton Face Clinic, our patients not only see their cosmetic procedures as their own form of Self-Care, but also as a huge Confidence Booster!


Some online articles claim “ ‘No One Needs Botox in a Pandemic.’ That is actually not true!  Some people do.

These supposedly non-essential cosmetic procedures are a lot more essential than they realise. In reality, for many of our patients, having their aesthetic treatments makes all the difference in the world when it comes to their mental health.

In our clinics, patients are NOT motivated by their vanity. Having treatments is their way of helping a problem that is reducing their self-confidence and making them feel a little low, especially now during these uncertain times.

Cosmetic treatments actually change the way our patients feel.  After their procedures, they float out of our clinics, smiling & beaming from behind their masks.

Dr. Mark explains “It’s all about delivering results that make my patients feel more confident about themselves. As long as patients are choosing to have aesthetic treatments for the right reasons, they can have a very positive effect on their overall quality of life “


The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over & we will be living with current infection guidelines for a long time. Until there’s a vaccine for COVID-19 there is always going to be a risk when getting cosmetic procedures.

At our clinics, we take the utmost care to protect patients & staff from COVID-19 exposure. We are constantly aware that the possibility of transmission is still very much present.

Dr. Hamilton says, “I expected a slowdown with COVID-19, as I felt people might be nervous about having aesthetic procedures. But, the possible risk of exposure has not stopped my patients from wanting to look the very best version of themselves in their work and personal lives — even if it’s on a Zoom Call or Face Time ! “


With the rise in video conferencing, we all want to show off our best selves. Looking at our own face in the picture window during meetings makes us self-conscious about how we appear to others. Every day, patients tell me “ OMG, I saw myself on Zoom & decided that I just have to get in to see Dr. Mark! “

Since mandatory mask wearing, a common trend we have noticed, is that people are focusing on their eyes more. Many patients are opting to only have Botox for their frown lines & eyes whilst postponing their high- risk category procedures until it safe to do so.

Wearing face masks is damaging our skin. Profhilo Skin Booster Injections are now more popular than ever, even with our younger patients.

We also see patients who previously were nervous of bruising with Dermal Fillers – now go ahead because they have a mask on, which can hide any possible bruising or swelling.


During COVID-19 Do Cosmetic Treatments Help Your Improve Self Esteem? The simple answer is YES – We see it on our patients faces.

Dr. Hamilton says “My patients who receive treatments definitely feel better about themselves. Aesthetic Medicine is a lovely profession to be in, as not only do we make patients look good, they feel good about themselves too! ”

Based on our experiences over many years in aesthetics, Botox & Fillers really do have the power to boost self-confidence and body image– Because when you look your best, you also feel your best.

However, cosmetic procedures are NOT a Magic Wand that can vanish away negative body images. No amount of Botox will cure low self-esteem. But…. it can help you feel better.

Whatever action you take to boost your confidence, be it Daily Exercise, Getting Dressed Up or having an Anti-wrinkle treatment — You Will Feel Better About Yourself and How You Look.

To be beautiful means to be yourself.

You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Stay Safe, Look Great & Feel Happy !                                                                             

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