Botox for Brides: Dr. Hamilton often get asked by Brides to be and their Grooms ” Should I get Botox for my wedding ? ”

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. It is no secret that lots of Brides & their Grooms are using Botox to look fresh for their special day. As your wedding approaches, your stress levels will probably go through the roof. This is possibly going to show on your face.  So….. while you might be considering having Botox injections , it is more important that you don’t forget to eat healthy, get lots of hydration, plenty of sleep and book you skin care appointments


Ideally your Wedding Day Botox treatment should never be the first one. Try to have a trial run about 4 months before the wedding. That gives enough time for the Botox  to wear off. If you like the results, have it re-done before your wedding . Many Brides are so busy— this perfect time line may not be possible— if you want to try Botox for the first time before your big day – try to have your treatment 2 months before the wedding

While Botox® injections are quick +safe,  if you have never had them before you may feel a little nervous about the outcome. Dr. Mark and you can decide on the best look for you on the big day.

Take lots of selfies to see if you like the look.


Dr. Hamilton recommends that Brides & Grooms should have their Botox® & Cosmetic Dermal Fillers treatments 4 weeks before their wedding. This will allow time for your muscles to respond & for the treatment to take full effect.

The secret is to get the dosage correct. You want to be able to show your true emotions on your big day & not be a frozen version of yourself.

You’ve said “YES TO THE DRESS”, now say NO TO SWEAT STAINS. Nobody wants sweat patches ruining their spray tan or their wedding dress.

Botox® is an FDA approved treatment of excessive sweating of the underarms. This is a perfect time to get injections to avoid the embarrassment of sweat-patches on your shirt or when throwing the bouquet.

Botox injections offer an absolutely effective way to ensure that everyone’s eyes will be on you & how radiant you look and not on a sweat patch soaked dress or smeared fake tan !


Time for your Botox® review appointment. If any adjustments are required, they can be done at this point. This will allow 2 weeks for any tweaks to take effect.

If you going to have getting Botox before your wedding, plan it in advance so that you can be sure the treatment has time to work and that you look your best.

Choose a clinic with a skilled cosmetic doctor who will decide the correct dosage for you and will also be able to offer the right advice.

Don’t forget your skincare

It is important you don’t use Botox and Cosmetic Fillers as your only anti-ageing treatment. You need to treat your skin with anti-ageing serums and protective sun screens..

For more information about Wedding Day Botox for Brides   click   Best Botox Practice and Advice

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