Profhilo Belfast, Dublin and Galway

Profhilo Belfast, Dublin and Galway

Dr. Mark Hamilton has been injecting Profhilo since 2017 & getting gorgeous results with 100% patient satisfaction. Profhilo is a injection treatment that boosts, refreshes and re-models your skin – It actually wakes up your tired skin and gives it back some youthful fullness and bounce.

Profhilo Belfast


Profhilo is not a filler – It is a pure Hyaluronic Gel injection which works by stimulating 4 different types of collagen and elastin. This makes it perfect for skin laxity on the Face & Neck and is ideal if you feel slightly nervous about having cosmetic dermal fillers.

Two treatments are recommended to get maximum results. The treatments are spaced 4-5 weeks apart.
Treatment takes 15 minutes, with no bruising, swelling or downtime.

How does Profhilo work

Profhilo treatments benefit many parts of the body. The most popular area for treatment is the face but it can also be beneficial in the treatment of sagging skin on the neck, chest, upper arms, hands and knees.

Benefits of Profhilo

In Dr. Hamilton’s clinics, he has amazing results with Face Profhilo but the most spectacular results are with his Neck Profhilo injections.

The neck rejuvenation is amazing, but please understand that this treatment will not permanently tighten or  lift your neck as much as a neck lift surgery. These injections are perfect for people do not want to travel down the expensive  road of plastic surgery as they give a cheaper temporary solution to ageing necks.

The results should last up to 6-12 months depending on your metabolism.

Profhilo Galway

FACE TREATMENTS – one ml is injected into 5 injection points on each side of your face. There is no bruising, swelling or downtime. You may have some redness at the injection sites for a few hours.

Neck Profhilo Before & After

NECK TREATMENTS- two mls are injected into your neck, targeting the areas where the skin is the thinnest and where you have the most lines.

Because your neck skin is so thin & delicate- you will have raised areas at each injection site on your neck. This the Profhilo. It will then spread out like honey under your skin over a few hours and the marks will be gone overnight. You might get a tiny bruise at one or two of the injection sites which can be easily covered with concealer.

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Buy one Profhilo; Get one area Anti- Wrinkle Injections for  £130 / €210

Buy two Profhilo; Get one area Anti- Wrinkle Injections  £110 / €160

Profhilo Belfast Prices

First Treatment       £300

Second Treatment   £280

2 syringes Profhilo to treat Face and Neck at one sitting  £550


Profhilo Dublin & Galway Prices

First Treatment   €350

Second Treatment  €300

2 syringes to treat Face and Neck at one sitting  €600 ( save €100)

Profhilo for Neck rejuvenation

Botox+ Profhilo Skin Booster Treatment Packages:

1 Area Botox +Profhilo  €560

2 Areas Botox+Profhilo €650

3 Areas Botox+Profhilo €720

Male Anti-Ageing treatments

Every one of Dr. Mark’s patients who use Profhilo absolutely LOVE it–

The beauty about this treatment is that it makes your skin Look AMAZING when you are not wearing makeup!

Profhilo Prices Dublin


Profhilo HA-DERMA

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