Brow Lift

Dr. Mark Hamilton performs non-surgical / chemical brow lifts with injections. This procedure raises your natural eyebrow arch a few millimetres higher leaving your eyes looking wider and more youthful.

Brow elevation works best when the glabella, frontalis and crow’s feet are injected.  However, brow elevation will occur when either of these areas are treated alone. It is important to inject the correct areas to avoid drooping of the brow itself. This would be decided between you and Dr. Hamilton at your consultation. The cost of the units of toxin required for a brow lift is equal to one treatment area.


Non-surgical brow lifts can be achieved using either toxin injections which tighten the forehead and elevate the eyebrow or by injecting fillers under the eyebrow to provide the appearance of a lifted brow. Deciding whether they might be used separately or together depends on the aesthetic results you want.

Some patients have eyebrows that appear pulled down which gives them a frowning look. They will benefit more from toxin injections. Patients with a deep-set, sunken look to their eyes and who have lost fat under their brows can benefit from filler injections. Filler can make the area under the brow look plumper and more natural whilst provide a slight lift. Some patients can benefit more from a combination chemical lift using toxin and fillers.

Non-surgical brow lifts require little recovery time and have fewer risks than surgical procedures. These injections will offer a temporary solution to your problem area and the effects are fully reversible.

The brow lift effect lasts 3 to 4 months, depending on your metabolism.

Chemical brow lifts do not elevate as much as surgery. Older patients may not benefit as much.

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