Lip Filler Cowboys!

‘Cosmetic Cowboys’ are popping up all over the country, injecting fillers with little training or experience. In Ireland it is illegal for anyone other than a doctor to inject Botox®. BUT there are no regulations for who can & cannot inject lip fillers.

UNSKILLED beauticians are offering young girls lip fillers for bargain prices by targeting them on social media with online special offers. BUT if something goes wrong, they shut down the page and open up under a different name.

Claire Hawkins’s lips (see photo) swelled up & went black after her treatments by an unskilled beautician. She ended up getting corrective treatment by a cosmetic doctor.

Lip fillers are extremely dangerous if performed by inexperienced injectors.
Reputable Salons and Clinics only use a specialist registered Doctor for Botox® and/ or a Qualified Aesthetic Nurse for fillers.

Never be afraid to ask questions before having your treatment.
Ask: Is your injector insured?
Ask: To see their certificates of training and updates.
Ask: How many lip fillers have they performed?
Ask: If it goes wrong, can they fix it
Ask: Have they got Hyaluronidase injections on standby to dissolve the filler if you have bad a reaction.
Check: To see the filler comes out of a new packet. A syringe is for single use only. It should NEVER BE SHARED!

Love your Face ❤

Don’t be fooled: Cheap deals mean cheap fillers and corners are being cut. When corners are cut, it is the patient who suffers !.
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