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Dr. Mark Hamilton has clinics in Dublin, Galway & Belfast. He has performed over 40,000 treatments & is a specialist in facial aesthetics for 17 years. When Dr. Mark treats wrinkles, he creates a smooth natural look. His motto is ‘FRESH NOT FROZEN.  In addition to making you look more refreshed, anti wrinkle injections can also provide pain relief. Patients who suffer from tension headaches report less pain after his brow-lift treatments. Prices are based on the units of toxin injected into each area. His patients are always delighted with the naturally beautiful results and longevity they get from his treatments.  Prices start at £150 / €260. All fees include your medical consultation and treatment with Dr. Hamilton.

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Profhilo Skin Booster Injection Treatments 

Dr. Mark Hamilton has been injecting Profhilo since 2017 & getting gorgeous results with 100% patient satisfaction. Profhilo actually wakes up your tired skin and gives it back some BOUNCE.  Dr. Mark has had amazing results with Face Profhilo but the most spectacular results have been observed with his Neck Profhilo injections. Patients LOVE it– Absolutely ideal if you feel nervous about having cosmetic dermal fillers.

Two treatments sessions are needed spaced 4 weeks apart.

Special Treatment Packages available for Anti-Wrinkle Injections + Profhilo Injections at the same sitting

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Male Anti Wrinkle Injections 

Dr. Hamilton understands that men want to look a little younger & less stressed without anyone knowing they had anything done. The secret is to look a fresher less tired version of yourself. Common areas of concern for men are the frown lines between their eyebrows, crow’s feet & forehead creases. His advice to men is – Keep the lines that make you look happy—only treat the ones that make you look tired or cross.

There is a big difference in results from anti-wrinkle injections between men & women. Male patients usually need higher doses of toxin than females. Dr Hamilton injects very carefully around all parts of the male brow, so as not to pull your eyebrows upwards – this would look weird on men. Most men tend to look better with straight brows.

Consultation Fee is £ 100 / €100.  This fee is deducted from the cost of any procedure you choose to have with Dr. Hamilton. All treatments are performed personally by him. At your consultation, he will discuss all your options and advise a relevant treatment. If you are happy to proceed you can have your treatment at your first appointment.

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Male Botox Injections

Age Appropriate Aesthetic Treatments

Dr. Mark Hamilton has a reputation for his skillful and natural results when it comes to aesthetic injectables. He is highly regarded by his patients for being incredibly responsible when it comes to their care.

Before every treatment, you will have a full medical assessment and consultation with Dr. Hamilton.  Discuss the look you want to achieve. He will advise you as what treatments you need but more importantly he will give you an honest opinion as to the treatments you do NOT need.

Dr. Hamilton truly believes that the only time aesthetic treatments are appropriate is, if he can make you look a better version of yourself.

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Dermal Fillers 

The Difference between Anti Wrinkle Injections & Fillers

Anti Wrinkle injections freeze your muscles & stop them from creasing the skin into wrinkles when you frown or smile. Results take 2 weeks to reach its maximum effect. You will need to have these treatments every 4-6 months. There is no down time for recovery.

Dermal Fillers fill in the lines on your face. Results are immediate & continue to improve over 5 days after treatment. You will need to have these treatments every 9-12 months. Downtime for recovery is a few days as you may bruise. Prices start at £200 /€295

Some fillers have a large particle size—these thicker fillers are excellent for adding volume and lifting sagging cheeks. Others have a smaller particle size and work better for treating fine lines and plumping lips. The secret is to inject the correct type of filler into exactly the right place .

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Gummy Smile Correction 

Gummy Smile a very common complaint with men & women. They love their teeth but are unhappy with their smile because too much of their gum shows.  This can be very easily fixed without having surgery.

A Gummy Smile is caused by having very strong upper lip muscles. Dr. Mark Hamilton can correct this by injecting toxin into the muscles that pull up your top lip. After a few days these muscles become weakened so your face does not pull up as strongly – thus allowing your top lip to cover over the gums above your teeth. Don’t worry – you can still smile, talk, laugh and KISS!


The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. The treatment takes 2 weeks to reach peak effect & can last several months.

Treatment Cost Starts at £150 / €250. Consultation Fee is £100 /€100

Dr. Mark Hamilton has a background in maxillo-facial surgery and is an expert in Gummy Smile Correction. Arrange a Consultation today & Put a Smile on your face

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Gummy Smile Corrrection

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