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Dr. Mark Hamilton has performed over 55,000 aesthetic treatments & is a qualified surgeon and facial aesthetics specialist for 18 years.

His motto is ‘Look Fresh, Not Frozen

When Dr. Mark injects your wrinkles, he will create a Smooth Natural Look for you. Patients are always delighted with their beautiful results & the longevity they get from their anti-wrinkle injections.             

Prices include your consultation with Dr. Hamilton & your procedure.



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Profhilo for exhausted Face Mask Skin 

Suffering from dry,tired looking skin as a result of wearing Face Masks – say Hello to Your New Best Friend – Profhilo .

Profhilo works as a super-hydrating moisture magnet which can retain 1,000 times its weight in water within skin cells, working its magic to keep skin plump and hydrated. It actually wakes up your tired skin and gives it back some BOUNCE.

Special Treatment Packages for Anti-Wrinkle Injections + Profhilo at the same sitting

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Is it Safe to have Aesthetic Treatments after having COVID-19 ?

The stress of Lockdown & the fear of COVID 19 weighs heavily on all of us. While patients love to have their aesthetic treatments, they wonder if it is responsible or safe for them to do so especially if they had a PCR+ result.

Patients who were asymptomatic (no symptoms) during their infection and do not have a cough or fever after 14 days since the date of their positive PCR test can safely have aesthetic treatments.

Most people who have COVID symptoms recover quickly and are thankfully able to resume their normal lives after the recommended quarantine period.

But sadly for some, the effects of the virus can last for months. This is known as“ Long Covid”. If this is the case, it is best to wait until you feel completely well + symptom free and seek advice from your GP before having Botox.

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Anti-Wrinkle Injections Reduce Signs of Aging with Quick Results

Wrinkles give us character and reveal the true person we really are. If you are feeling bothered by them, especially now during these stressful times  it’s nice to know you’ve got options.

Anti-Aging Injections are one good option. When injected correctly, results look naturally smooth and fresh. Before you rush down the road of aesthetic treatments, it is important that you have realistic expectations regarding the results.

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Age Appropriate Aesthetic Treatments

Dr. Mark Hamilton has a reputation for his skillful and natural results when it comes to aesthetic injectables. He is highly regarded by his patients for being incredibly responsible when it comes to their care.

Before every treatment, you will have a full medical assessment and consultation with Dr. Hamilton.  Discuss the look you want to achieve. He will advise you as what treatments you need but more importantly he will give you an honest opinion as to the treatments you do NOT need.

Dr. Hamilton truly believes that the only time aesthetic treatments are appropriate is, if he can make you look a better version of yourself.

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Coronavirus & Medical Aesthetic treatments

Strict COVID‐19 infection control measures are in operation at our clinics. To protect staff & patients from infection, procedures have been categorized into low‐risk, moderate risk and high‐risk, based on the likelihood of transmission of the virus from patient to physician.

All patients must wear a mask when attending & during their treatment.

Ailbhe & Karen at our clinic offices are contactable by email and will book you into Belfast, Dublin or Galway. New Patients are very welcome !

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Male Anti-Aging Treatments

Dr. Mark provides discrete male treatments. His goal is to give you a fresher less tired version of yourself without anyone guessing you had work done.

His advice to men is : Keep The Lines that Make You Look Happy— treat the ones that make you look tired or cross.

His most popular male treatments are injections for frown lines between their eyebrows, crow’s feet & forehead creases. Male patients usually need higher doses of toxin than females and  always look better with straight rather than arched brows.

Consultation Fee is £ 100 / €100. This fee is deducted from the cost of any procedure you choose to have with Dr. Hamilton. At your consultation, he will discuss all your options and advise a relevant treatment. If you are happy to proceed you can have your treatment at your first appointment.

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